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[Her Yoga Secrets] Yoga Burn Review

Note: This is a review.

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Yoga Burn Review by AMomsReview.comCultivating a healthy body along with a peaceful mind is challenging especially if the world makes you question your sanity at the time. Yoga is a great way to maintain you physical, social and mental well-being. Yoga Burn also known as Her Yoga Secrets is a digital body shaping program which ensures healthy weight loss for women. The program was created by certified yoga instructor and personal trainer Zoey Bray-Cotton. It helps build and maintain a healthy feminine figure through three phases during which you watch 45-minute videos. This series of videos keeps challenging the body to change positively. The 12-week program is specially tailored to suit women of different weights, ages and different fitness levels as well.

My experience with the program was really good. Yoga Burn reviews are positive and good because it enables you health wise and body fitness, also in relaxing exercise and when you incorporate the workout into it, it becomes even better. The program is effective, definitely not a waste of money because it strengthens both your mind and body. Your body changes a lot during the program. It becomes firm, your flexibility improves you lose weight properly and your general health catapults because your fitness is balanced. The program is simple and has a lot of benefits. For athletes and fitness enthusiasts in general, it increases blood flow, makes your body firm, toned and also increases your muscle strength for better athletic performance.

What is Yoga Burn (Her Yoga Secrets)?

The program addresses the needs of everyday women by using a strategic method known as dynamic sequencing. It combines individual yoga poses and as you move forward, the challenge increases. Yoga Burn uses a 3 phase approach.

Phase 1

This is the foundation of the program which is why it is also known as foundational flow. This phase is about introducing yoga sequences to you that will help you develop long, lean muscles and improve your shape, it is equally beneficial for advanced yoga students. Muscle strengthening and achieving the perfect form is the goal for this phase. So, that you understand the poses and your body is comfortable doing them as well. This step is how you will progress further into the program.

Phase 2

Students transition from basic yoga poses to advanced combinations. These combinations help increase your stamina and boost your heart rate immensely. Your adaptability will increase a lot as your challenge will increase. This phase is known as transitional flow. It focuses on moving from one pose to the other and increasing the development of your major muscle groups.

Phase 3

The third phase increases the difficulty and tests your skills as well. You combine your knowledge from your previous lessons. You are likely to face fatigue because of your muscles constantly moving. This goal of this phase is to increase your metabolism rates and improve your mental focus. You will learn how to control your core and progress throughout the phase.

Yoga Burn is downloadable and easy to access. The physical collection and the digital program are offered in a package which is $37. The second package offers the digital program and 2 physical collections; it costs $57. Both of the prices are excluding shipping and handling. Yoga Burn gives a 100% money back guarantee 60 days from your original purchase. You can easily buy it from the website.


  • The instructions are simple, easy-to-follow and will keep you engaged.
  • It’s suitable for different woman all with different body types, ages, and needs.
  • It’s a healthy way to lose weight, no matter what your problems are. You can achieve your goal body easily and be confident, strong and healthy.
  • The digital downloads are portable, adapted for listening on mobile phones as well.
  • 100% refund 60 days into the purchase, no questions asked.


  • The results aren’t guaranteed and vary from individual to individual so your expectations might not be met.

The program is perfect for anyone who’s just been introduced to yoga. It is a perfect workout for toning your body. The instructor is great and the visual instructions keep it interesting and useful. The sessions are unique and the workout is really effective and simple. The improvement is gradual but if you stay motivated through the program, the results are undeniable.

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