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The Ex-Factor Guide Review

Note: This is a review.

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The Ex Factor Guide by Brad BrowningThe Ex Factor Guide brings to light that Love is a rare feeling and a divine blessing. Only some of us have the opportunity in life to experience what true love really means? But despite that, there are situations that erupt human emotions and people do things, say words that they don’t intend to. These occurrences make relationships feeble and test our bonding. Failing to bear the brunt of such low points may bring it up to the break ups. Break ups damage us both emotionally and physically.

The feelings, the bonding can never be wiped off completely. The 200 pages of Ex Factor guide present to you a road map to win back the love and trust of your ex. The author Brad browning has poured in his wealth of experience in relationship counseling. Over the 10 chapters, the introspection, acceptance, causes and solutions for the splits in relationships are simplified in a customized approach.

About the Author

The Author Brad browning is a coach and advisor for relationships and affairs. His counseling has helped thousands of people to bring back their lost love into their lives. The comprehensive strategy to identify the issues and step wise elimination of the factors that cause misunderstandings to grow is no less than a therapy. With thorough analysis and his past experience Brad inspects the nitty-gritty’s of couple fights and removes them with proven and effective methods.

How Ex Factor Guide works?

The program is developed to address the relationship issues and Brad has made an incredible effort to connect with each one of you out there who are having difficulties in handling the relationship troubles. The systematic and well planned techniques articulated in the book present myriad solutions to fix up the broken links of your bonding. The author emphasises on identifying the causes and highlights the importance of accepting your mistakes. This self realization helps in understanding the view points and traits of your partner and your own that led to the split.

At the same time the author boosts you to feel confident of your own abilities to attract your ex’s attention towards you. It explains how to charm your ex through various tactics and moves? The book plays into the physiological theories, emotional behavior and laws of human attraction. Everything doesn’t work for everyone but the human nature has some undeniable similarities and characteristic features. We crave for what we feel beyond our reach, the books puts it perfectly through the following tips to make your ex curious about you.

  • Do not call up your ex for a month at least that will make him/her feel ignored and unwanted.
  • Move on with your life or with a new partner, this will invite a reaction from your ex and may make your ex want you ever so more to be back into his/her life.
  • Carefully execute your step by step plan and once you have your ex’s attention, unbox your charm and seduce them to remind your ex of the times you spent together.

The tips are nothing but an effort to empower your love for each other to cross over the hurdles presented in the form of disputes. The author describes each and every step with approach, intent and expected results to make it easier for the user to implement.

Prices and what you get?

The book just costs $47 and along with this you get a free reference guide 7 steps to sex appeal free, a Video series with complete guidance and an audio course of 5 hours to understand the procedure thoroughly. A little investment towards the purchase of the book seems fair and completely worth it considering its abundant benefits.


There is no better feeling then finding your true love. Going through a painful break up and then reconciling to get your ex back into your life is a dream come true. It’s recommended for everyone who is coping up with the challenges of a break up and pain of separation.


It’s no magic and needs careful assessment or subtle alterations in approach each step of the way. Therefore, to expect quick results would be an overestimation and might invite negative thoughts even before completing the full procedure.


The well crafted methods of the book and the wealth of experience of the author has produced a masterpiece. The tips can be effective in dealing with the loneliness and painful period of break ups and surprisingly, turning them into an opportunity to improvise your efforts for giving your relationship a second chance.

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