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Text Your Ex Back Review

Note: This is a review.

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Text Your Ex Back by Michael FioreDeveloped by Michael Fiore, Text Your Ex Back is a brilliant step by step guide on how to re-ignite your ex’s attraction switches and win him back.

The program was built around 11 modules, with merging videos, audios and text files that take you through all the factors that might have contributed to your breakup all the way to a step by step guide on what you should be doing and avoiding if your primary goal is to win your ex back.

Michael Fiore’s program is NOT just a series of well written texts that regurgitate the same old patched up pieces of instructions on how to win back your ex. But a full course that first helps work on your self confidence. Then analyze some of the things that might have contributed to the divorce or breakup.

It even goes head to help you remember some of the great things you had going on in the relationship and why getting back your ex is actually a worthy shot before it detouring to the meaty part of the course.

Who Is Michael Fiore?

Michael Fiore is a well known relationship expert, boasting over 15 years of experience in the business.

He’s based in Seattle, Washington and has appeared on numerous radio programs and TV shows including Fox news, Rachael Ray and CBS Radio to name a few. He’s also the owner and founder of Digital Romance, a company that has helped tens of thousands of couples all around the world work on bettering their relationships and marriages.

As he’s been heard saying several times, Michael Fiore’s line of work has always been to help those who reach out to him improve how they connect with those around them. Speaking of which, relationships and marriages just happen to be part of human connection.

He would later decide to veer off into breakups and start paying close attention to some of the issues he thought were contributing to high cases of relationship split-offs and divorces. As a result, “Text your Ex Back” was Born.

How It Works?

The author came up with this program when he developed a deeper understanding of the role texts play in modern day relationships. It’s then that he coined the term “nothing text,” a term for the breakup texts people send to their partners all the time their relationships end, all with the hope to woo them back, when in reality this text is only killing the little chance they still had of making their exes change up their mind.

Examples of such texts include ??Hey there!’or ??What’s up!’ While there’s nothing wrong with sending such texts in regular interactions, sending them to your ex only lowers your chances of winning him back.

The program consists of 11 modules, each designed around the following system format:

  • Never talk about your past relationship. As far as everyone is concerned the relationship never really existed and what you have instead is a fresh start. The ex you’re trying to win back isn’t really an ex, but someone totally new and with whom you’re trying to establish a new relationship that’s totally different from what you had in the past.
  • Make your ex fee like she owes you. First, you have to find a way to get over what it is that either you or your ex did that brought the relationship crumpling. It’s after you’ve done that, that you can go ahead and start building the attraction that will be driving your ex to take you back.
  • Send Positive Texts: This program is based off positivity. Whatever it is that you’re doing to win back your ex should be positive. Nothing you do should come off as desperate. It’s only by doing this that you can be able to get a clear picture as to why the relationship ended and what it is that you’re supposed to do to prevent it from ever happening again.

Price And What you Get

The program only requires you to make a one time payment of $47. After which you’ll be given access to a member’s area where you’ll be interacting with hundreds of other members going through a breakup.

The program comes with a lot of bonuses including an MP3 audio version and a pdf file that’s also been transcribed into an audio that you can save on your smartphone, tablet or iPod.


  • The program is simple and very easy to understand. All the steps are clear and explained in a manner that anyone can be able to understand and follow them with so much ease.
  • Value for money. Not only is the program affordable, but a real value for your money considering all the bonuses you’ll be getting together with the program upon making the one-time payment.


  • Modules are not disclosed all together at once. Meaning you only get to view them one by one.
  • Only one time opportunity to check out the bonus.

Final Verdict

Text your ex back is both new and innovative. Not to mention, the only one of its kind, and one that’s helped thousands of people work on their broken relationships and improve on them. It’s the program to go for if you find it hard to get over your ex and deep down you’re still convinced yo still have the chance to bring your dead relationship back to life.

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