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Pregnancy Miracle Review

Note: This is a review.

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It is no secret that many women consider giving birth to a healthy baby as one of life’s greatest gifts. As the highest peak of self-actualization, a majority of women want to experience motherhood. While there are those who do not find the perfect partner, others cannot be able to conceive no matter how much they try. Pregnancy Miracle, a book authored by Lisa Olson, advises on sure-fire ways for women to get pregnant without any medical assistance.

Pregnancy Miracle Review By AMomsReview.comThe book claims to do wonders for couples who are having a difficult time conceiving. It offers holistic steps that get the body ready for reproduction. Published in 2009, Lisa Olson claims that is the steps in the book are followed to the latter, the reader can get pregnant within two months. The advice is also meant to solve any fertility issues between married couples. The following Pregnancy Miracle Review will shed more light on the book and what it has to offer:

Who Is Lisa Olson?

Before Lisa Olson became an author and philosopher, she was a woman who was struggling with fertility issues. She tried to seek treatment through conventional routes but she was not able to find any solution to her problem.

As a trained nutrition specialist and health consultant, she decided to conduct a 15-year research on Chinese Medicine and the role that it plays in fertility. In efforts to cure her infertility, Olson embarked on a trial and error process and eventually the Chinese treatment journey that worked for her.

This inspired her to share with the world her findings, knowledge, and techniques through the best seller, Pregnancy Miracle Book.

What Is Pregnancy Miracle?

Pregnancy Miracle is a 5-step plan that includes the following phases:

Phase One: Perfect harmony and balance for getting pregnant

In this section, readers will learn the dos and don’ts that will prepare their bodies for ovulation and increase the chances of conception.

Phase Two: Diet that improves your chances of conception

The author discusses a specific diet that should be adhered to and the kind of foods that should be avoided.

Phase Three: Herbs and acupuncture that enhances conception

Acupuncture and herbs work to create a balance in your body and enhance your chances of fertilization. A list of the best Chinese herbs is also outlined here.

Phase Four: Internal body and liver purification

Lisa discusses a three-day juicing plan that promotes the internal cleansing of the body. In order to cleanse the body and liver of heavy metal, a 7-day parasite cleansing is also recommended. The book outlines the significance of cleansing and the role that it plays in fertilization.

Phase Five: Improving your Qi Acupressure

The section teaches that stress affects fertility in women, therefore a number of Qi acupressure techniques and workouts are outlined. According to the author, they prepare the body for fertilization.

Readers are advised to follow all the steps that are outlined in the book and their bodies will take a natural change for the better and pave way for conception.

Prices and What You Get

Pregnancy Miracle is a book that costs $ 47 when purchased from online avenues such as Amazon. Although this is a one-off payment, there are a number of bonuses that are offered. For instance, if readers choose to buy it from the author’s personal website, they can get it for $37, as a $10 discount is offered. The book is offered on a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee challenge. This means that if a reader finds the book unworthy within the first 60 days of purchasing it, they can simply request a refund. The book can be ordered online and delivered up to a reader’s doorstep.


  • It is based on a proven system with a high success rate

This book is based on the use of ancient Chinese herbal medicine which has been used by many women for many centuries.

  • The book has a detailed plan that is easy to follow

The book is comprehensive and offers detailed steps that will help you conceive. The steps are also accompanied by a number of charts, diagrams, and illustrations. This makes it easier to understand. There are also checklists that allow readers to keep track of their progress and stay motivated.

  • The treatment is all-natural

As a 100% natural program, It does not pose any risks or side effects. It is an all-natural technique that is meant to treat underlying fertility issues.

  • There is a money-back guarantee

If readers are not satisfied with the product in a period of 60 days, they will get a full refund.


  • The book is very detailed

This book has a total of 200 pages. Such comprehensive information is overwhelming for readers who are seeking an instant solution.

  • It requires a lot of commitment

The nature of the step by step plans in the book requires a lot of time and commitment in order to successfully follow the program. Many people find it difficult to offer a high level of commitment to a trial and error process.

Final Verdict

Pregnancy Miracle has had to live up to its name, especially with a high level of skepticism from consumers. Some have labeled the program fake while a substantial number of users have given positive feedback. They claim that the information is helpful for any woman trying to get pregnant. The only way to know if the program really works is to try it on an individual level. You may get the results that you desire!

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