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Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review

Note: This is a review.

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Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer ProgramYour dog can be your best company both at home and outdoors, however, they can also be unpredictable and let out odd behavior which can also be harmful or even embarrassing. Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review outlines informative ideas and training that you can utilize and avoid such circumstances or situation with your lovely pet. Besides having a well-detailed training program for dogs, Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer is easily applicable and very efficient as a dog training program.

About The Author

Doggy Dan (born Daniel Abdelnoor) is a dog trainer expert who quit his corporate career to attend to his passion on a full-time basis. He is one of most respected dog trainers in New Zealand, and his skillful dog training program have boosted many clients relationships with their pets. Some of the reasons for its success are because it is based on psychological, mental analysis and from the dog’s perspective. Besides training dogs, Doggy Dan is also a renowned animal rights’ activist and a speaker.

How It Works

Doggy Dan trainer program starts with the client establishing themselves; they can either be a ??pack leader’ or an alpha male or female. The program then expounds further on each position the client might choose in detailed and comprehensible manner. The author also mentions five golden rules that you need to apply if you are in pack-leader category. Other notable video clips include the tutorials on:

  • How to Get Your Dog to Choose to Follow You
  • Why Most Dog and Puppy Training Fail
  • The One Resource to Solve Every Dog and Puppy Issue and several other teaching videos.

The training guide focuses on communication techniques and elaborates everything from training new puppy owners to those people adopting pets from rescue dog homes. The Doggy Dan online videos allow your canine to learn at a comfortable pace and you can refer to it anytime at your convenience. Once you become a subscriber, you can log in to your member portal and seek every answer with regard to training of your dog.


The Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer begins with a three-day trial, and you only need $1 to get started. You will then pay a monthly subscription of $37 to access online training program. If you decide to cancel at a trial stage within the first three days, you will not be required to subscribe. You will also have a 60-day guarantee on your money back if the training is unfruitful. This indicates the high-level of assurance and guarantee to fully satisfy the customers. The program has over 250 videos covering different training series from precise ways on tone changing techniques to detecting behavioral change among other training procedures.


  • The Doggy Dan training program is quite affordable and has many benefits.
  • The program content and the author are trusted and approved by Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).
  • The program entails the usage of calm and non-aggression methods to improve your dog’s behavior. These methods have been tested and proven by clients with different dogs and from diverse backgrounds.
  • You can ask and get satisfactory answers from the author and dog-trainer expert himself, Doggy Dan.
  • The program is updated on a weekly basis and this shows high commitment and passion from the author himself on providing the latest trends and practices.
  • It provides ease and confidence among the non-professional dog owners to train their dogs by themselves and get the desirable results.


  • To download the video content requires you to be connected to the internet, and this can bring inconvenience when there is no such connection.
  • In the program, you cannot request a one-on-one training with Doggy Dan, and you will have to carefully follow the training videos.

The Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review shows all you need is to subscribe and access the necessary dog training techniques to enhance your dog’s behavior. There several benefits that comes with this training. You will not have to worry about the embarrassment that your dog’s behavior might bring especially in public places such as parks. You will be able to communicate better and clearly with your pet. Good behavior will be instilled in your dog without intimidations which will enable you to maintain a cordial relationship with the dog. There will be no unnecessary noises in your home, and you will always be at peace with your neighbors.

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