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DIY Smart Saw Review

Note: This is a review.

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DIY Smart Saw by Alex GraysonDIY Smart Saw is a guide created by Alex Grayson which contains detailed step by step instructions on how to create your own ?? ‘CNC machine’. The language used is simple and targeted for people with no prior wood working experience.

The guide contains well instructed audio and video guides which makes it really easy for the user to understand and implement the given instructions with ease.

The guide gives a boost to your creative woodworking ideas and with its varied tips the user is further motivated to create new designs all by himself. The tutorial aims at improving your carpentry skills at a really affordable price without wasting your precious time.

About the Author

DIY Smart Saw was developed by Alex Grayson, a car engineer and woodworking enthusiast. He was always motivated to implement his engineering techniques to creative woodworking. This lead him to experiment and develop this guide which was developed after his success in creating a working Smart Saw.

However the authenticity of the author still remains doubtful after the pictures on his sales and marketing page were found to be copied from different websites. This raises suspicion over his claimed work as much part of it seems stolen.

How it Works ?

DIY Smart Saw works on a computer designed program which instructs it to create designs as commanded by the user. The tool responds to commands given by the computer and creates the desired design. So the user needs to just input the instructions and the sculpting tool will operate automatically and sculpt the wood, The different actions include cutting, drilling holes and carving on wood which are all specified by the user. The smart saw contains audio and video instructions which guide you through each step. The added tricks and hints further ease up the process for the user. With the help of Smart Saw you can create your well planned woodworks such as cupboards,chairs,tables,decorative items,toys,wooden boxes and lot more

The smart saw needs to be attached to your computer which in turn leads you operate and instruct the CNC machine.It is easily compatible with any computer and does not need any prior software installation. It can be attached through any USB flash drive or hard drive and then be used to operate the CNC machine.


  • DIY Smart Saw comes at a price of $39.
  • Payment methods include VISA,Discover,American Express and Mastercard.
  • It also includes a 60 day refund policy if the buyer is unsatisfied with the product.


  • Easy to execute – The instructions are simple and well guided so its really easy to follow and create the wood works you desire. A demo video further provides a brief introduction and prepares you to the basic processes. The guide is user friendly and can be easily understood by all users.
  • No guess work – Since the guide contains detailed instructions the need of guess work is reduced .The information provided is clear and hassle free.
  • 60 Days refund promise –The creator has included this scheme for users who are unsatisfied with guide and can return it with ease and guarantee their refund.
  • A cheaper alternative – The guide offers a cheaper alternative to other CNC machines which are available in the market at much higher rates.It is great for people who are new to wood working and cannot invest in expensive machines.


  • The instructions mentioned cannot be skipped and requires full attention to the details. Avoiding any steps will not lead you to the desired result you aimed for.
  • No hard copy of the book is available at the moment which makes it mandatory to have an internet connection to be able to use the guide

Final Verdict

This guide has really simplified the art of woodworking and made it easier for people to learn at an affordable price. No prior experience is need and the guide is suited for every individual whether he is a established woodcarver or not. Also no additional tools or expensive equipments are required.

In general people who have always dreamt of creating woodworks on their own now have a really valuable source to be able to fulfill their creative thoughts and implement them.

In addition people who are on a tight budget and cannot afford to buy expensive CNC machines then this guide is a must have for you. It offers you a detailed guide which will definitely satisfy your wood carving ideas. It is cheaper and backed by a refund policy, so you have nothing to lose.

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