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Breast Actives Review

Note: This is a review. Click Here to visit the official Breast Actives website.

breast actives reviews by a womanWe have finally completed our highly requested Breast Actives review. The most popular natural breast enhancement system in the world for seven years straight, Breast Actives is an option many women are considering for increasing breast size without the costs and risk of breast augmentation surgery. The reason it’s so popular, especially among moms is that it uses completely natural herbs used in traditional medicine and carries no risk. We found that it either works great or else does nothing. No in-betweens or side-effects have ever been reported. There are either ecstatic women for whom this product worked amazingly or women that have tried it and moved on. We studied this product in-depth. Read on for our verdict and review!

Breast Actives Review – Does It Really Work?

Breast Actives is comprised of natural herbal remedies that essentially boost estrogen production by our body, which is responsible for the development of breasts during youth and many other essential functions of the female body. Essentially, estrogen is the ‘female’ hormone that leads to developing a ‘womanly’ body. It is in charge for producing what are called ‘secondary sexual characteristics’ in medical literature.

Estrogen stops being produced by the female body after a while. This is especially prevalent during Menopause. There is a fairly established medical procedure called estrogen replacement therapy that is used to treat particularly bad conditions of menopause, PMS and menstrual cramps.

It seems especially successful with many women because it has the herb known as ‘White Kwao Krua’ (scientific name Pueraria Candollei, variant Mirifica). This herb is recognized as a potent source of phytoestrogen, which is almost as powerful as naturally produced estrogen itself.

White Kwao Krua has been used for centuries in traditional Thai medicine to boost vitality due to this unique ability.

It combines Pueraria extract with Fennel (scientific name Foeniculum Vulgare), another known source of phytoestrogens along with other herbs that stimulate the estrogen receptors in the mammary glands-which are in the breasts, thereby creating fuller and larger breasts naturally.

Prices and What You Get

The product is made of herbal supplements in the form of pills and topical cream. You take one pill a day with some water when you have breakfast and apply the topical cream on your breasts after showering (so that it stays on and works better). I recommend taking this for one full month to start seeing results.

It is available for approximately $35 for a month’s worth of product if you get the 5 month plan, approximately $40 for a month’s worth of product if you get the 3 month plan and finally for $60 for a one month sample package.


  • Completely natural and well researched herbs are used in this product. This makes for a high-quality product and results in no side-effects whatsoever.
  • The science is proven. Phytoestrogen works well in the human body and is very well understood.
  • It’s very affordable, at around $40 per month if you chose the standard 3 month plan (which we recommend)


  • It works amazingly for some, not so much for others. The estrogen receptivity of each individual person seems to play a huge role in how well this works for each person. While it is definitely affordable enough, and can’t hurt to try- you’ll never know until you actually follow it for a full month.
  • There’s no controlled, double-blind study on this product. Doing that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars and really push up the prices for it but would definitively answer if it ‘works’ or not, statistically speaking, and for who it is most effective at working. Again, this leads back to- you never know till you try it, at least for now.
  • It doesn’t work if you don’t fix your sleep cycle. Getting regular, restful sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours every night is absolutely necessary for the human body to recharge itself. Not having that guaranteed is likely to reduce the efficiency of the system significantly.

Final Verdict

Definitely worth a try. There being no side-effects whatsoever is probably the best thing about Breast Actives program, apart from the obvious fact that it is a natural and painless way to get fuller breasts. The science behind it is solid and is very safely formulated. It also has many enthusiastic testimonials from real women, for nearly a decade now. It does takes a while to show results, but its affordable price means that it won’t break the bank to use it regularly.

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