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Anthony Morrison’s Fan Page Domination Review

There are many things that you can do in the internet especially on social media websites such as sharing different posts from pages. Facebook, the number 1 social media website, has many benefits to the users when it comes to instant communication. Aside from that, it also allows the users to create different pages in this website, there may be pages that are for business opportunities and some are for fan satisfaction. Creating a fan page or being a member of it gives you an impression on how fully committed you are to your idol.

What is Fan Page Domination?

Since Facebook has gained many pages, it has now become competitive for other fan pages to reach the top. Fan page domination is here to help the fan pages to reach its success. The creator, Anthony Morrison, will give you different tips on how features of Facebook will help you to create posts that can go viral and generate many page views, likes and shares within a short time. The user will discover the four stage model that he or she can use in order to attract thousands of fans.


Anthony Morrison started his first online business in his college dorm and he has no interest in starting an online business. After his family lost their money in the stock market, Anthony watched his own family lose everything in their lives. Because of this incident, Morrison has no choice but to create his first online business.

Within a couple of years, Anthony Morrison’s first business gained over $2,000,000 annually thus it paid off all the sacrifices that his family made for him. He continue in striving for greatness by establishing for over 10 successful online businesses, writing 3 books, and speaking to over 250,000 people worldwide on how to build their own email marketing businesses.

Today, he generates for over $200,000 per month just by sending multiple emails to different users. Currently, he’s now teaching different tips to many people on how to become a successful online entrepreneur. Since Facebook is the website that has many users, it is the advantage of Anthony Morrison on how to make this social media website into a business platform for online marketers.


There are many parts in the training session of Anthony Morrison in order for you to know how to create a successful online business just by creating fan pages in Facebook and this training is divided into 4 phases. Remember: the training is not broken up into parts because Anthony Morrison wants you to watch closely the entire strategy. There will be videos that will break down into shorter steps in order to make it look simple.

Phase 1: Getting Setup and Started

In this first phase of the training program, Anthony Morrison will teach you on how to build a fan page and set up everything from Auto Responders into Surveys in order to make sure that you’re taking the full advantage of Morrison’s tactics. These are the following modules that you will encounter in this 1st phase:

  • Building the fan page
  • Getting the first fans of the page
  • Setting up the page’s survey
  • Creating AdSense ads
  • Adding a “Thank You” page
  • Setting up the Auto Responder

Phase 2: Build and Grow

This 2nd phase will teach you on how to post on your fan pages in order to generate a massive viral activity. This phase is considered as critical because it will help you on how to grow your fan page without spending enough cash. The 2nd phase has 4 parts such as:

1. Fan Page Posting

This may look and sound simple because this firs module will just teach on how to post in your fan page, but in reality, this is the most important part in phase 2. Morrison will just show you on how to get more viewers just by simply posting with the help of Morrison’s techniques.

2. Monetization Methods

This 2nd module will teach you on how to turn your big fan page and massive email lists into loads of cash.

3. The Optin Spike Method

The “Optin” spike method includes generating more options and subscribers and how to make multiple list segments from your fan page’s main list in order for you to make more money.

4. Facebook Live

This will help you on how to get thousands of viewers in your fan page just by making a live video in Facebook.

Phase 3: The Scale and Launch

The 3rd phase will teach you on how to get thousands of viewers without spending and this phase is broken down into 3 modules.

1. The Countdown

The Countdown is a tactic where you will use a time limit in the contest of your fan page in order to increase your viral activity many times.

2. The Slingshot

This module will teach you on how to let your posts with links have access to the optin page in order to get massive reach which results gaining many subscribers every day.

3. The Launch Blueprint

This final module of this phase will teach you how to get many people watch your live video.

Phase 4: Monetize and Profit

This final phase will teach you all the tricks when it comes to generating revenue from your fan page.


The Fan Page Domination is a program where you will be able to create loads of cash just by merely following the phases that are made by Anthony Morrison. Unfortunately, before having those massive numbers in your bank account you need to spend thousands of dollars as an enrollment to the program. The program will make you pay $1,997 at once, but if you want to split your payments into 3 months, you will pay at least $2,391. It may sounds risky but the user has no choice but to spend enough cash just to learn different tactics.

The Bonus Training

Those who enrolled in the training program will receive a bonus training area for free since Anthony Morrison believes that he will produce many successful online marketers. These are the following bonuses you will gain once you enroll in this program:

  • Personal Coaching with ME, Anik Singal’s former head coach
  • Gaining 3,000 Email Swipe files
  • Email Swipe Templates
  • The “fill in the blank” HOT Subject Line Ideas
  • Gaining a Solo Ad swipe copy
  • Email Marketing Tips and Tricks guide
  • List Success guide, checklist, and 40 minute audio book
  • More Subscribers guide
  • Email Copy That Sells guide
  • A 1 hour video training of Email Copy That Sells
  • 300 Power Words and Phrases Swipe file
  • The 5 Minute Sales Copy formula guide
  • Instant Winning Headlines


This Fan Page Domination review shows that it may be risky enough for you to spend thousands of dollars just to gain different tips and strategies from Anthony Morrison, there are many training programs all over the internet that are more affordable than this training program. It’s still your choice if you want to undergo to this training program, if you believe that it’s worth it, go for it. Best of luck in choosing the right training program and building a successful online business!