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7 Steps To Health And The Big Diabetes Lie Review

Note: This is a review.

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7 Steps To Health And The Big Diabetes Lie ProgramDiabetes is one of the most common illnesses; there are about 29.1 million causes of diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes all over the world: that is about 9 percent of the whole population. But a book claims to help combat just that. This book is a treatment guide to dealing with your everyday life and curing diabetes naturally. Its main objective is to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and diet to completely eradicate artificial insulin or metformin from your life. No medicines, just letting nature take its course. Read on here for more about the Big Diabetes Lie review.

About the Author

This book is the result of the hard work and effort of a dedicated nutritionist, Dr. Max Sidorov. He is a head researcher and a specialist in everything that is related to blood sugar, insulin or diabetes. He lives life by a strict moral code and claims that pharmaceutical companies feed diabetics with lies recommending drugs, injections and surgery while there is a cheaper and more effective way to cure it. His philosophy is to help the world by exposing the truth.

How Does It Work?

This book offers a 30-day meal plan for diabetic victims which claims to completely eradicate your diabetes just by following the simple steps. It is a matter of choice whether or not you follow the said plan and the effectivity would depend on that.

The food you eat plays a big role on your journey against diabetes. A part of the book focuses on your diet; it discusses in depth which foods causes your diabetes to worsen and which actually helps melt it away. Dr. Sidorov mentions a variety of harmful food like fats, meat, sugar, excessive use of salt, excessive in take of tea or coffee, white meat products, white flour and white sugar. These are the kinds of food that must be taken into thought before consumption. One of the major suspects of diabetes is white sugar.

Worldwide, the consumption of white sugar shows no slowing down. Relative to this is the increase of diabetic cases. This is one of the highlighted points of Dr. Sidorov book.

The book also discusses about low-fat food and encourages its readers to minimize the intake of grains. This would include white bread, pasta and other white foods. It emphasizes that it is important that we eat home-grown food. The idea is: if you don’t recognize its ingredients, you have no business eating it. Real foods are detoxifiers which allow any excess intake of either salt or sugar to make its mark.

This book will also give you a rundown on what goes on in your body when you take in processed foods or foods high in MSG. First, your body will send the signals to your brain that you are munching on delicious high-calibre food. It will send the synapses that you are feeling good, a rush of endorphins will be released throughout your body while you are eating. After the euphoria, your blood sugar levels start to shoot up. This is the beginning of the feeling of being woozy, clammy and nauseous. The body is now trying to keep up with the high levels of sugar. This is the first stages of diabetes.

What Do You Get?

For 30USD, you get a lot of information about which food work for you and which doesn’t. It is a comprehensive guide on which fats are good and bad for you. It also gives you information on how you can prevent the enlargement of certain internal organs like your kidney and livers by avoiding artificial sweeteners. You get your value for money and at the same time a brief on how diet sodas affect your body. It also includes the results of a study in Norway, about 18000 diabetic patients using all natural ways possible to rid of their sickness instead of Metformin. All these plus bonus ebooks on facts about MSG, Benefits of Water, Antioxidants and the Miracle of Sleep.


  • Easy-to-understandInformative and promotes self-education
  • Recipes and instructions are easy to follow
  • A 60-day money back guarantee comes when the book is purchased
  • A practical, relevant tool for diabetics


  • Very critical on pharmaceutical companies
  • A few conspiracies are debatable like meat being a silent killer
  • Requires a lifestyle change, perhaps to a paleo-type of diet

This book is certainly an eye-opener. It is a helpful tool to both diabetics and nondiabetics alike. It promotes a very natural approach to curing a sickness which is both practical and sustainable. It provides a very detailed information but an easy-to-read format on how to implement a good healthy life. The effectivity of its claims, however, is solely upon the reader and what he does about what he reads. Overall, this book is a blessing to those who are trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

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