The Great Mouse Detective:Mystery In The Mist Edition DVD Review

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Disney’s latest release, The Great Mouse Detective:Mystery in the Mist Edition, was originally released in theaters back in 1986. Since I was a kid at the time I should have remembered this movie but somehow I don’t. Also, the movie is based on a book series called Basil Of Baker Street which sadly I also do not recall.

The Great Mouse Detective is about a Sherlock Homes-esque mouse detective named Basil. In this movie, Basil and his sidekick Dawson goes on an adventure to hunt and find the kidnapped toymaker, and defeat Professor Ratigan the evil rat. The setting is 1890′s England which is very beautiful and a lot of fun for the kids. My two boys, ages 9 and 5, have watched this movie two times already and thoroughly enjoy it! I’m pretty sure my 9 year old likes it more than my 6 year old so I definitely recommend this movie for the older kids as well.

If your kids love cute and charismatic mice and rats in movies then they are going to love this! Plus you get a chance to share with your kids a movie that you most likely grew up watching! Overall, it’s a entertaining Disney classic to share with your kids!

DVD Bonus Features Include:

1. A So You Think You Can Sleuth Game for kids

2. The Making Of The Great Mouse Detective

3. The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind Sing A Long

+ More!

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