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Note: This is a review.

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Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved

iq option binary options broker

Broker: IQ Option
Minimum Deposit:$10
In Case Of Correct Prediction:Up to 90-91%

Strong Regulation

The CySEC is in charge of the regulation of IQ Option. The license number for IQ Option is 247/14. IQ Option Europe is licensed in Europe. You need to choose a licensed broker so you can stay away from any scam out there. If you use Alexa.com to find out more about the traffic that IQ Option is receiving, you will realize that they are truly getting tons of traffic on a regular basis. It means that they are giving tons of benefits to many people out there because the site is getting tons of traffic.

IQ Option also has a good reputation and traders seem to be very happy with this firm. But you need to understand that these kinds of services truly carry a lot of risk of losing your money, so you are better off using money that you can afford to lose. You can also practice with a free demo that IQ Option provides you with. IQ Option is awesome because you will not see any kind of cheap marketing tactics such as stacks of money and limousines. You will feel excited about a site such as this one because they know what they are doing.


Remember that IQ Option started to offer its services in 2013, which means that they have a lot of experience in this field and that you will get tons of rewards right away. You will manage to take advantage of a wide array of charts that will allow you to take your trading to the next level. You just have to invest $10 to start trading with IQ Option, which is truly great for any trader out there. So you don’t have to break the bank to trade here, and this is one of the best parts about IQ Option.

You can use a wide array of payment options to pay for this service such as wire transfer and credit cards. If you have any questions, you can always take advantage of the live chat. With 100+ assets and outstanding service, IQ Option is truly a winner in the options trading world. So you should give IQ Option at try if you want to have some fun. Remember also that IQ Option truly has a user-friendly website that you can use today. IQ Option also has millions of trading accounts, so they know what they are doing today.

Fast Withdrawal

You can withdraw your money within 1-3 business days, and you can use a wide array of withdrawal methods such as credit cards NeTeller, Skrill, Wenmoney and Wire Transfer. There is a 24/7 customer support team that will go the extra mile so you can get what you need. IQ Option has also high payouts, and they tend to be up to 15% higher than the average payouts of the options trading industry. IQ Option has a truly easy-to-use user interface, so you will be trading comfortably right away. There is almost no learning curve when it comes to using IQ Option today.


  • IQ Option will allow you to get a highly technical data analysis right away if you want to.
  • You can use the IQ Option right away on your Android or iOS device.
  • IQ Option also has many promotions that you can take advantage of right away.
  • IQ Option has a wealth of guides and how-to articles that will allow you to get the most out of this platform right away.


  • You might lose all your money with IQ Option, but you have to be prepared to deal with this reality over time.

IQ Option is truly here to stay for a long time because they truly know what they are talking about. Click here to start trading now!

www.amomsreview.com shall not be liable for the information provided on the broker’s website. Binary options trading contains a high level of risk – trade only the money you can afford to lose.

Note: This is a review.

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The Language Of Desire by Felicity Keith

This is a program about connections composed by Felicity Keith, which uncovers mystery messy words that not just makes a man fall profoundly infatuated yet makes him respond in a unique manner like he has never done. The dialect of yearning give a profound knowledge of the male mental personality and uncovers mystery dreams of each man and how through some painstakingly chose words you can satisfy those dreams and make him open up absolutely and focus on adoring you as it were.is a complete relationship control made to enable ladies to lift the association with their man to an unheard of level of closeness. It uncovers to a lady non-verbal tease systems to make a man begin to look all starry eyed at profoundly.

Who is Felicity Keith?

She is the creator of Language craving, she is a genuine case of how her program fills in as she attempted each method in her relationship. She is not a therapist nor a researcher the same number of would think, she is only a conventional 42 years of age mother. She came to find out about her sexual coexistence in marriage in a humiliating way. She set out for change that, and to get her man sexually keen on her by and by. All through her learning procedure, she composed what worked and what did not work in an individual diary and chosen to impart to the entire world.

Language of Desire Package

The marked down cost for dialect of longing is $37 and it includes the accompanying in its bundle; turning into a sexual superwoman, Loving man’s closest companion, Erotic activity motion picture procedures, Brain science and sex, fancy escalates, update your relationship status, messy talk authority, when sex isn’t conceivable, among numerous other decent arrangements. Step by step instructions to be more sure, coy and charming when cooperating with the inverse sex.

Step by step instructions to utilize unobtrusive expressions that will make you more appealing to men and make them consider you to be profoundly alluring, Step by step instructions to bring sexual fascination once again into your relationship, regardless of to what extent you have been as one, instructions to turn on your man with only a couple of straightforward words, regardless of where you are,The most effective method to make a man hunger for you and need to be with you always, regardless of the possibility that he was a player some time recently. the motivation behind The Tease Intensifier is to show you basic verbal hacks to truly wrench up the warmth of the relationship for reasons he can’t comprehend himself, while Verbal Viagra goes about as a kick begins his drive, giving him a wild desire for you. The best thing is that this area can be utilized on somebody you have quite recently met or somebody who you have a history with.

The Pros for Language of Desire

1. Simple to explore
2. Pertinent and simple to execute exhortation
3. Simple to get to and take after substance
4. Likewise accessible in mp3 sound records

The Cons for Language of Desire

1. Worksheets must be downloaded
2. Dialect can be awkward at first for the individuals who are not in any event to some degree alright with the assent “grimy talk”

Final Verdict

The best thing about the program is that it can be adjusted to suit any circumstance. For a few ladies who have hit a staying point in their present relationship (as Keith herself initially did), this program has opened the sexual potential and certainty they have to resuscitate a current love. In any case, a portion of the methods delineated are appropriate to starting the certainty comfortable start of any relationship; filling clients with the attraction just a few ladies appear to order. This Product expounds why a few ladies appear to have their relationship and their man in charge. It indicates ladies how by utilizing their words and state of mind can turn into the dream of your man. This item goes further to show ladies the brain science of the male personality and how by utilizing filthy talk, you get any man to craving you so much that he will actually do anything to satisfy you and it is the women happiness.

Note: This is a review.

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The Ex Factor Guide by Brad BrowningThe Ex Factor Guide brings to light that Love is a rare feeling and a divine blessing. Only some of us have the opportunity in life to experience what true love really means? But despite that, there are situations that erupt human emotions and people do things, say words that they don’t intend to. These occurrences make relationships feeble and test our bonding. Failing to bear the brunt of such low points may bring it up to the break ups. Break ups damage us both emotionally and physically.

The feelings, the bonding can never be wiped off completely. The 200 pages of Ex Factor guide present to you a road map to win back the love and trust of your ex. The author Brad browning has poured in his wealth of experience in relationship counseling. Over the 10 chapters, the introspection, acceptance, causes and solutions for the splits in relationships are simplified in a customized approach.

About the Author

The Author Brad browning is a coach and advisor for relationships and affairs. His counseling has helped thousands of people to bring back their lost love into their lives. The comprehensive strategy to identify the issues and step wise elimination of the factors that cause misunderstandings to grow is no less than a therapy. With thorough analysis and his past experience Brad inspects the nitty-gritty’s of couple fights and removes them with proven and effective methods.

How Ex Factor Guide works?

The program is developed to address the relationship issues and Brad has made an incredible effort to connect with each one of you out there who are having difficulties in handling the relationship troubles. The systematic and well planned techniques articulated in the book present myriad solutions to fix up the broken links of your bonding. The author emphasises on identifying the causes and highlights the importance of accepting your mistakes. This self realization helps in understanding the view points and traits of your partner and your own that led to the split.

At the same time the author boosts you to feel confident of your own abilities to attract your ex’s attention towards you. It explains how to charm your ex through various tactics and moves? The book plays into the physiological theories, emotional behavior and laws of human attraction. Everything doesn’t work for everyone but the human nature has some undeniable similarities and characteristic features. We crave for what we feel beyond our reach, the books puts it perfectly through the following tips to make your ex curious about you.

  • Do not call up your ex for a month at least that will make him/her feel ignored and unwanted.
  • Move on with your life or with a new partner, this will invite a reaction from your ex and may make your ex want you ever so more to be back into his/her life.
  • Carefully execute your step by step plan and once you have your ex’s attention, unbox your charm and seduce them to remind your ex of the times you spent together.

The tips are nothing but an effort to empower your love for each other to cross over the hurdles presented in the form of disputes. The author describes each and every step with approach, intent and expected results to make it easier for the user to implement.

Prices and what you get?

The book just costs $47 and along with this you get a free reference guide 7 steps to sex appeal free, a Video series with complete guidance and an audio course of 5 hours to understand the procedure thoroughly. A little investment towards the purchase of the book seems fair and completely worth it considering its abundant benefits.


There is no better feeling then finding your true love. Going through a painful break up and then reconciling to get your ex back into your life is a dream come true. It’s recommended for everyone who is coping up with the challenges of a break up and pain of separation.


It’s no magic and needs careful assessment or subtle alterations in approach each step of the way. Therefore, to expect quick results would be an overestimation and might invite negative thoughts even before completing the full procedure.


The well crafted methods of the book and the wealth of experience of the author has produced a masterpiece. The tips can be effective in dealing with the loneliness and painful period of break ups and surprisingly, turning them into an opportunity to improvise your efforts for giving your relationship a second chance.

Note: This is a review.

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Text Your Ex Back by Michael FioreDeveloped by Michael Fiore, Text Your Ex Back is a brilliant step by step guide on how to re-ignite your ex’s attraction switches and win him back.

The program was built around 11 modules, with merging videos, audios and text files that take you through all the factors that might have contributed to your breakup all the way to a step by step guide on what you should be doing and avoiding if your primary goal is to win your ex back.

Michael Fiore’s program is NOT just a series of well written texts that regurgitate the same old patched up pieces of instructions on how to win back your ex. But a full course that first helps work on your self confidence. Then analyze some of the things that might have contributed to the divorce or breakup.

It even goes head to help you remember some of the great things you had going on in the relationship and why getting back your ex is actually a worthy shot before it detouring to the meaty part of the course.

Who Is Michael Fiore?

Michael Fiore is a well known relationship expert, boasting over 15 years of experience in the business.

He’s based in Seattle, Washington and has appeared on numerous radio programs and TV shows including Fox news, Rachael Ray and CBS Radio to name a few. He’s also the owner and founder of Digital Romance, a company that has helped tens of thousands of couples all around the world work on bettering their relationships and marriages.

As he’s been heard saying several times, Michael Fiore’s line of work has always been to help those who reach out to him improve how they connect with those around them. Speaking of which, relationships and marriages just happen to be part of human connection.

He would later decide to veer off into breakups and start paying close attention to some of the issues he thought were contributing to high cases of relationship split-offs and divorces. As a result, “Text your Ex Back” was Born.

How It Works?

The author came up with this program when he developed a deeper understanding of the role texts play in modern day relationships. It’s then that he coined the term “nothing text,” a term for the breakup texts people send to their partners all the time their relationships end, all with the hope to woo them back, when in reality this text is only killing the little chance they still had of making their exes change up their mind.

Examples of such texts include ??Hey there!’or ??What’s up!’ While there’s nothing wrong with sending such texts in regular interactions, sending them to your ex only lowers your chances of winning him back.

The program consists of 11 modules, each designed around the following system format:

  • Never talk about your past relationship. As far as everyone is concerned the relationship never really existed and what you have instead is a fresh start. The ex you’re trying to win back isn’t really an ex, but someone totally new and with whom you’re trying to establish a new relationship that’s totally different from what you had in the past.
  • Make your ex fee like she owes you. First, you have to find a way to get over what it is that either you or your ex did that brought the relationship crumpling. It’s after you’ve done that, that you can go ahead and start building the attraction that will be driving your ex to take you back.
  • Send Positive Texts: This program is based off positivity. Whatever it is that you’re doing to win back your ex should be positive. Nothing you do should come off as desperate. It’s only by doing this that you can be able to get a clear picture as to why the relationship ended and what it is that you’re supposed to do to prevent it from ever happening again.

Price And What you Get

The program only requires you to make a one time payment of $47. After which you’ll be given access to a member’s area where you’ll be interacting with hundreds of other members going through a breakup.

The program comes with a lot of bonuses including an MP3 audio version and a pdf file that’s also been transcribed into an audio that you can save on your smartphone, tablet or iPod.


  • The program is simple and very easy to understand. All the steps are clear and explained in a manner that anyone can be able to understand and follow them with so much ease.
  • Value for money. Not only is the program affordable, but a real value for your money considering all the bonuses you’ll be getting together with the program upon making the one-time payment.


  • Modules are not disclosed all together at once. Meaning you only get to view them one by one.
  • Only one time opportunity to check out the bonus.

Final Verdict

Text your ex back is both new and innovative. Not to mention, the only one of its kind, and one that’s helped thousands of people work on their broken relationships and improve on them. It’s the program to go for if you find it hard to get over your ex and deep down you’re still convinced yo still have the chance to bring your dead relationship back to life.

Note: This is a review.

Click Here to visit the official PNK website.

Obsession Phrases by Kelsey DiamondObsession Phrases is among the most sought after programs in the world. Forget about whispering sweet nothings into the ears of your man when this program is here for you. The words in this program can transform your man into Mr. Right. To find more about the product, read this Obsession Phrases review

About The Author

The product was developed by Kelsey Diamond, a renowned dating and relationships expert. Diamond claims that she was also taught the obsession phrases you are going to find in her program by respected hypnosis coaches that she does not mention their real identities. She also claims that various experts in this field have been of great help on her part as she sought to create the program. Diamond also reveals that she spent a period of three years conducting research, learning and collecting useful information she needed in order to create the program.

How Does It work?

Men are physical beings. Most, if not all of them, are stirred when approached tactically. Whenever we talk about handsome, most people think about tall, well built and strong men. To others hot men are those with bulging muscles. Obsession phrases program is beyond flattery. In other words, the program includes phrases that express sincere flattery. It entails statements that conjure crucial emotions that relate to close bonding as well as sexual desire. The phrases in this case bring the beast within the men. The words can be used to awaken passion and instincts. Words such as I WANT YOU are simple but they will make them receptive. Some of the phrases you will learn include Subconscious bonding, obey Me, Monogamy awakener, Love Cocktail, Intriguing, Secret fantasy, Pleasure, Everlasting Attraction and attraction spinner.

Prices And What You Get

The program is sold at $ 47 and can be downloaded immediately regardless of your location. Interested persons can only download the program after their payments are successfully processed. In addition to the Obsession e-book, you will be given five more free bonuses. The bonuses are among the things that have made more people to go for this program. The five bonuses you expect from the program are

Curiosity Pricks- The bonuses brings you tips that will assist you when it comes to pursuing a man while at the same time teaching you how to make him want you more.

True love Report- The report helps you to trigger a man to feel a certain way about you

Addictive Seeds of Desire- The bonus is said to assist users learn simple ways to trigger massive emotional urgency in their spouses.

The man dictionary- It contains details on how your attitude is likely to enable you get the man you have been dreaming about for decades.

The mind report- claimed to offer users with different tricks needed to understand the men in their lives. This makes it easier to develop ways to grow the relationship in the long run.


• Enables you to master the heart and mind of your partner

• Assists you to save your troubled relationship without digging deeper into your pocket in the name of seeking for counseling

• Makes your man to get committed to the relationships and forego any other options that is likely to come between the two of you in the future

• Helps resolve differences and disagreements within the shortest time for a healthy relationship

• Makes you to feel empowered as well as in control of the relationship

• Heightens your pleasure both in the bedroom as well as outside

• Boosts your level of confidence and trust

• Compensates any form of perceived deficit in relation to communication skills among others


• It is not an all cure program. In simple terms, it might not solve all your relationship related issues. If you do not appreciate your actions and words then this program is not likely to be beneficial on your part.

• It can take too long to realize the benefits of the program. Some of the phrases do not go well with some men. Therefore, you are likely to annoy your man as you strive to impress him.

Final verdict

In conclusion, Obsession Phrases is a program that promises to help find happiness in your relationship. The tool was developed by Kelsey Diamond, a wordsmith. Diamond collected irresistible phrases after taking her time to learn and research on the subject matter. The program comes with many bonuses that make it worth your money.

Note: This is a review.

Click Here to visit the official Tao of Badass website.

The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer Ever been that shy type of guy who just looks around as pretty girls pass by? Ever been that guy who has never gotten around talking to that sexy chick that he likes in the bar? Well, it’s the 21st century, the majority of the things you’ve been having problems with internally now have quick fixes with a few clicks and Google searches.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Ugly Truth”, well this is the guy version of that story. There is this product that was developed to help shy guys, stop being shy guys and get out of their snail shells and unleash their confident selves.

One such product that will help you “get the girl” is Tao of Badass.

What Is The Tao of Badass?

The Tao of Badass is a step by step program that will teach you how to gain your confidence and talk to women regardless of age, looks, and experience in handling women. This product is specially made for shy guys to help them up their game. This program features visual guides on how to talk to women and how to make the girl of your dreams fall in love with you, how to say the right things, how to exude appeal and dominance and knowing when to tell that your girl is placing you in the “friend zone”.

The Tao of Badass even includes steps on how to get women to sleep with you by teaching you the signs of when she’s down for it, it even includes a discussion on sexual triggers and how you can get her into bed without ruining your chance.

Who Is Joshua Pellicer?

The Tao of Badass was created by a former shy guy Joshua Pellicer, who got fed up with being ignored by women, so he created a system that would help transform guys and help them find the confidence to talk to women. With the proper mental conditioning and a few behavioral tips, Joshua Pellicer has come up with genius ways in understanding how women operate and what makes them get attracted to men.

How Does It Work?

The Tao of Badass is an eBook in which explains pre-selection or the concept of how women are attracted to men. It introduces you to a philosophy that women are not attracted to men because of looks or career, but women are attracted to men because other women are drawn to him too.

Pellicer teaches you how to be this attractive and ideal man that women are drawn to and how important it is to fulfill your “male” role so that you won’t get categorized in the friend zone or as a “nice guy”. It will help you boost your confidence to prepare you for the next step.

The author then introduces you to step by step guides in picking up women, he focuses mainly on the anxiety that men get when they approach women. He then introduces you to 4 maps of approaching women which are; (1) Attraction, (2) Rapport, (3) Seduction and (4) Relationship Balance, Master this and you will pick up women easily.

Lastly, it will teach you how to read body languages of women and how to tell if they are attracted to you or want you. Pellicer gets in real with the sexual signs and signals that women give when they’re into you.

Prices and What You Get

The Tao of Badass is for sale with prices that ranges from $37.00-$47.00 depending on where you’re looking. It includes membership to the Community, audio mp3s to help you boost your confidence, an accelerated seduction program to help you with your sexual prowess, a body language mastery course, and a badass advanced training ebooks.


  • The program will help you address approach anxiety.
  • You will learn behavior patterns that women respond to.
  • There is a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • The guides and kits are detail oriented and easy to follow.
  • There is a 100,000 subscribers list and many success stories.
  • There is a lot of practical information for shy guys.


  • Results may vary as guys are different and interpretation of the guidelines may be different.
  • The guide manuals are too lengthy.
  • It tends to over sexualize women.
  • It delves into an assumption that women are material objects that can be manipulated.

Final Verdict

The Tao of Badass is an interesting step by step product that teaches you how to attract gorgeous women; it may produce results with the proper guidance. It has garnered many patrons over the course of its availability, the only way to know of its effectiveness is if the program jibes with the kind of person that you are and how you cope with the necessary changes. This product is worth the try if you’re desperate to get that girl.

Note: This is a review.

Click Here to visit the official His Secret Obsession website.

His Secret Obsession by James BauerHis Secret Obsession is an intriguing book that will make you take a gander at men and connections in an astonishing manner. It can enable you to comprehend what is happening in the male personality so you can take advantage of your man’s more profound sentiments and indeed make a vigorous and unbreakable bond with him. Do you have an inclination that your relationship is inadequate with regards to something? Is your male accomplice drawing far from you and getting to be noticeably inaccessible? Are the closeness and closeness leaving your relationship? Do you wish that you had more love and consideration from your man? His Secret Obsession is about expressions that you can use to pick up the fondness, trust, dedication, and duty of any man. The name is somewhat deceptive – as “obsession” sounds negative. This book isn’t about controlling anybody; it’s just a guide for seeing how men need to be cherished and treated with the goal that you can give them the adoration they are longing for.

About His Secret Obsession

This book is centered around the significance of correspondence in a relationship. On the off chance that there is a distinction or a coldness amongst you and your accomplice, it likely needs to do with correspondence. Men and ladies have altogether different styles of conveying, and regularly we don’t set aside the opportunity to consider how our accomplice’s correspondence style varies from our own. This book is about how you can speak with your man adequately and make him fall further infatuated with you.

His Secret Obsession is about the secret words or expressions that will make a man begin to look all starry eyed at you. Made by James Bauer, a dating master, these emotions motivate dedication, duty, and love in your man. When you begin to speak with your man in this way, he will begin to consider you to be the unrivaled lady he needs to spend whatever is left of his existence with. This program will give you a fascinating bit of knowledge into passionate dialect and correspondence, and you’ll be astounded at what a distinction it makes in the enthusiastic reaction of your accomplice.

About the Author

The program was made by James Bauer, who is a relationship and dating master. He is extremely educated about connections and how they function and he has composed a huge sum about this subject. He has worked with a huge number of ladies in his 12-year profession as a relationship mentor.

Outline of The Book

The book is about the male personality, and it gives you a look into what folks truly need. It might be an astonishing method for taking a gander at men than you were raised with, yet it truly can make your relationship more grounded. The book guarantees to enable you to see how people think and give you the capacity to impact your man’s feelings and get him to need to be with you for eternity. It may come as a shock to you, particularly since in our general public men should be so reliable and chivalrous, that all men can be similarly as unreliable, enthusiastic and uncertain as for their female partners. They have their shortcomings, and their stress focuses, in spite of the fact that they have been adapted to look solid all things considered. This book will clarify what’s truly going ahead in the male personality and how you can take advantage of his more profound mental needs to make him feel stunning when he is with you. It will make you through a stride by step handle that will change the grief and dissatisfaction that you have had with men previously. You will learn words and expressions that you can fuse into your vocabulary, and you will have the capacity to state only the correct things to make the person you like intrigued by you or to extend your association with your accomplice. understanding men contemplation’s and convictions

Advantages of The Book

Obviously, the principle advantage of this book is that it will help you to extend and fortify your association with your man. Regardless of the possibility that your relationship has battled in the past and you have an inclination that your man is disappearing from you, the exhortation in this program can turn it around. On the off chance that your man once in a while ever communicates his adoration and fondness for you, this book will have a major effect on your relationship and will draw out the feelings and love in your man. When you begin to flip this secret trigger, your man will feel a surge of craving to be candidly near you that goes long ways past any physical fascination. It will change the way he pictures you and make you the main lady he needs to be with on the planet. This book is a capable entryway into the male personality, and it will help you to take advantage of the common defensive impulses of your man with the goal that you can make the most of his unified love and consideration. The guide is elegantly composed and straightforward, and it gives you well-ordered counsel that anybody can take after. You can read it on your cell phone or portable workstation, and you can likewise get to the day in and day out support at whatever point you require offer assistance.


The colossal thing about the His Secret Obsession program is that it accompanies a total 60-day unconditional promise. You can try the program out with no weight and if it isn’t working for you, simply request your cash back, and you will get it. Along these lines, there truly is nothing to stress over on the off chance that you need to give this program a test and perceive how it functions. Things being what they are, the reason does not try it out? When you take advantage of the secret obsession that each man subliminally concentrates on, you will see your relationship change and the security amongst you and him reinforce more than ever. Life is short, and love is the most beautiful part of life – so it merits doing all that you can to manufacture a reliable and upbeat love.

Note: This is a review.

Click Here to visit the official Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer website.

Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer ProgramYour dog can be your best company both at home and outdoors, however, they can also be unpredictable and let out odd behavior which can also be harmful or even embarrassing. Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review outlines informative ideas and training that you can utilize and avoid such circumstances or situation with your lovely pet. Besides having a well-detailed training program for dogs, Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer is easily applicable and very efficient as a dog training program.

About The Author

Doggy Dan (born Daniel Abdelnoor) is a dog trainer expert who quit his corporate career to attend to his passion on a full-time basis. He is one of most respected dog trainers in New Zealand, and his skillful dog training program have boosted many clients relationships with their pets. Some of the reasons for its success are because it is based on psychological, mental analysis and from the dog’s perspective. Besides training dogs, Doggy Dan is also a renowned animal rights’ activist and a speaker.

How It Works

Doggy Dan trainer program starts with the client establishing themselves; they can either be a ??pack leader’ or an alpha male or female. The program then expounds further on each position the client might choose in detailed and comprehensible manner. The author also mentions five golden rules that you need to apply if you are in pack-leader category. Other notable video clips include the tutorials on:

  • How to Get Your Dog to Choose to Follow You
  • Why Most Dog and Puppy Training Fail
  • The One Resource to Solve Every Dog and Puppy Issue and several other teaching videos.

The training guide focuses on communication techniques and elaborates everything from training new puppy owners to those people adopting pets from rescue dog homes. The Doggy Dan online videos allow your canine to learn at a comfortable pace and you can refer to it anytime at your convenience. Once you become a subscriber, you can log in to your member portal and seek every answer with regard to training of your dog.


The Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer begins with a three-day trial, and you only need $1 to get started. You will then pay a monthly subscription of $37 to access online training program. If you decide to cancel at a trial stage within the first three days, you will not be required to subscribe. You will also have a 60-day guarantee on your money back if the training is unfruitful. This indicates the high-level of assurance and guarantee to fully satisfy the customers. The program has over 250 videos covering different training series from precise ways on tone changing techniques to detecting behavioral change among other training procedures.


  • The Doggy Dan training program is quite affordable and has many benefits.
  • The program content and the author are trusted and approved by Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).
  • The program entails the usage of calm and non-aggression methods to improve your dog’s behavior. These methods have been tested and proven by clients with different dogs and from diverse backgrounds.
  • You can ask and get satisfactory answers from the author and dog-trainer expert himself, Doggy Dan.
  • The program is updated on a weekly basis and this shows high commitment and passion from the author himself on providing the latest trends and practices.
  • It provides ease and confidence among the non-professional dog owners to train their dogs by themselves and get the desirable results.


  • To download the video content requires you to be connected to the internet, and this can bring inconvenience when there is no such connection.
  • In the program, you cannot request a one-on-one training with Doggy Dan, and you will have to carefully follow the training videos.

The Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review shows all you need is to subscribe and access the necessary dog training techniques to enhance your dog’s behavior. There several benefits that comes with this training. You will not have to worry about the embarrassment that your dog’s behavior might bring especially in public places such as parks. You will be able to communicate better and clearly with your pet. Good behavior will be instilled in your dog without intimidations which will enable you to maintain a cordial relationship with the dog. There will be no unnecessary noises in your home, and you will always be at peace with your neighbors.

Note: This is a review.

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DIY Smart Saw by Alex GraysonDIY Smart Saw is a guide created by Alex Grayson which contains detailed step by step instructions on how to create your own ?? ‘CNC machine’. The language used is simple and targeted for people with no prior wood working experience.

The guide contains well instructed audio and video guides which makes it really easy for the user to understand and implement the given instructions with ease.

The guide gives a boost to your creative woodworking ideas and with its varied tips the user is further motivated to create new designs all by himself. The tutorial aims at improving your carpentry skills at a really affordable price without wasting your precious time.

About the Author

DIY Smart Saw was developed by Alex Grayson, a car engineer and woodworking enthusiast. He was always motivated to implement his engineering techniques to creative woodworking. This lead him to experiment and develop this guide which was developed after his success in creating a working Smart Saw.

However the authenticity of the author still remains doubtful after the pictures on his sales and marketing page were found to be copied from different websites. This raises suspicion over his claimed work as much part of it seems stolen.

How it Works ?

DIY Smart Saw works on a computer designed program which instructs it to create designs as commanded by the user. The tool responds to commands given by the computer and creates the desired design. So the user needs to just input the instructions and the sculpting tool will operate automatically and sculpt the wood, The different actions include cutting, drilling holes and carving on wood which are all specified by the user. The smart saw contains audio and video instructions which guide you through each step. The added tricks and hints further ease up the process for the user. With the help of Smart Saw you can create your well planned woodworks such as cupboards,chairs,tables,decorative items,toys,wooden boxes and lot more

The smart saw needs to be attached to your computer which in turn leads you operate and instruct the CNC machine.It is easily compatible with any computer and does not need any prior software installation. It can be attached through any USB flash drive or hard drive and then be used to operate the CNC machine.


  • DIY Smart Saw comes at a price of $39.
  • Payment methods include VISA,Discover,American Express and Mastercard.
  • It also includes a 60 day refund policy if the buyer is unsatisfied with the product.


  • Easy to execute – The instructions are simple and well guided so its really easy to follow and create the wood works you desire. A demo video further provides a brief introduction and prepares you to the basic processes. The guide is user friendly and can be easily understood by all users.
  • No guess work – Since the guide contains detailed instructions the need of guess work is reduced .The information provided is clear and hassle free.
  • 60 Days refund promise –The creator has included this scheme for users who are unsatisfied with guide and can return it with ease and guarantee their refund.
  • A cheaper alternative – The guide offers a cheaper alternative to other CNC machines which are available in the market at much higher rates.It is great for people who are new to wood working and cannot invest in expensive machines.


  • The instructions mentioned cannot be skipped and requires full attention to the details. Avoiding any steps will not lead you to the desired result you aimed for.
  • No hard copy of the book is available at the moment which makes it mandatory to have an internet connection to be able to use the guide

Final Verdict

This guide has really simplified the art of woodworking and made it easier for people to learn at an affordable price. No prior experience is need and the guide is suited for every individual whether he is a established woodcarver or not. Also no additional tools or expensive equipments are required.

In general people who have always dreamt of creating woodworks on their own now have a really valuable source to be able to fulfill their creative thoughts and implement them.

In addition people who are on a tight budget and cannot afford to buy expensive CNC machines then this guide is a must have for you. It offers you a detailed guide which will definitely satisfy your wood carving ideas. It is cheaper and backed by a refund policy, so you have nothing to lose.

Note: This is a review.

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15 Minute Manifestation by Eddie Sergey

Do you want to do away with the feeling of endless stress or clean out your financial struggles? Do you know that the journey to financial freedom begins with your decision? Are you ready to achieve everything that you have dreamt of? If you wish to reprogram your brain so as to attract unlimited wealth, happiness, love, confidence, and freedom then 15 Minute Manifestation program is for you.

What Is 15 Minute Manifestation?

It is a unique program that teaches you how to reprogram your brain so that you can effortlessly live the life of your dreams. It’s the best way to train your mind to eliminate negative thinking and focus on what you really need.

About The Author?

15 minute Manifestation program is developed by Eddie Sergey who was diagnosed with brain cancer as a young child. Instead of taking him to the hospital, his mother decided to make him stay at home and rely on the natural treatments. She also made him listen to a cassette tape. According to him, this is what healed him. He claimed that during this time, a sound called theta waves was emitted through the cassette tape which had the ability to talk to his subconscious mind called the editor. He believed that this wave opened up his mind and changed his thinking.

How Does 15 Minute Manifestation Work?

This program has 3 distinct tracks that assist in reprogramming your brain in different ways. According to this program, the sound in the tracks contains theta frequency that acts as the best medium to activate your subconscious brain. It shows you that the secret to manifestation and affirmation is not a scam or a myth but a scientific process. These frequencies have been composed by the best audio engineers who have compiled nature sounds including ocean waves, winds, rain among others to create a different learning experience. It will, therefore, work to do away with your old limiting thoughts and beliefs and replace them with new and empowering ones. It can teach you how to completely change your circumstances and get what you want such as lovable relationships, more money, and a complete happiness.

What You Will Get and Prices?

  • Track one – This track will take you to the natural state of limitless abundance levels by turning your thought process to abundance. It unlocks your potential by channeling each positive energy from the universe. Without using effort or money, you can create endless possibilities for yourself.
  • Track two – This track will change your mind to can accept the new reality. It helps you to diminish limiting ideas and start a new life. It also improves your observation power hence you will be able to know what’s missing in your life.
  • Track three – This track will help you change the circle of scarcity and negativity so that you can focus the whole of your attention on telling your new story of prosperity and wealth. You will, therefore, create your own reality of wealth and prosperity.

With just $47, you can get the complete of 15 Minute Manifestation program.


  • By using this program, you will understand the inner workings of your brain and change the way it works. This will help you know how the world works
  • Since it’s a user-friendly program, it’s very easy to follow and understand. Using it does not require a set of knowledge or skills to properly understand everything
  • It changes your life for the better by helping you to destroy all the negative thoughts and views of different aspects of life. You can, therefore, attain inner peace, wealth, happiness, and good health.
  • With this program, you can break free from a disrupted mind and live the way you want to live.
  • It’s meant for everyone.
  • · It’s the quickest and the easiest way to achieve the kind of life that you want to achieve.
  • It’s very much affordable hence you will not have to use a lot of money.
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Since it’s only offered online, it’s not available in paper format. This makes it unsuitable for those who prefer to read paperbacks
  • It’s not an overnight success hence it requires you to put a lot of effort for you to succeed in implementing its techniques.


Overall, this program is worthy of your money and time. With maximum guarantee results and minimum effort, it’s one of the programs that lives up to its claims. Whether it’s success in finding true love, financial freedom or dramatic improvement in your life, this program is the answer. It not only reprograms your subconscious mind but it also replace them with new ones so as to help you change the way you perceive life. With just 15 minutes of your time and headphones, you will have made a huge step towards abundant life.

Note: This is a review.

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2 Week Diet by Brian FlattThe 2 Week Diet is a science based method of shedding 8kgs of body fat in just two weeks as the name suggest. Its creator, Brian Flatt also promises extra benefits such as achieving a well toned body, increase in your energy and level of health and decrease in cellulite. It gained popularity due to its effectiveness and the speed at which one is able to shed such amount of extra fat in just a few days.

Brian Flatt himself is an accomplished author and prides in holding numerous titles including being a certified sports nutritionist, speaker, weight loss consultant, bestselling author, certified personal trainer among others.

How 2 Week Diet Works?

According to him, you shouldn’t struggle at all to lose weight. But people struggle anyway because:

  • They get wrong information about how to lose it
  • They have inflamed cellular thus the body defense mechanisms are down and the body isn’t breaking down as much fat as it should be
  • They exercise yes, but eat less. This has never been a good experience to anyone.
  • The weight loss plan they are using is hard to follow strictly.

Brian offers an alternative and a solution to the struggles above in his 2 Week Diet plan and makes it simpler by breaking it down to four components that will help one lose weight. He says you need;

A launch handbook to inform you on:

  • How to burn obdurate fat as well as how to avoid gaining the same
  • The benefits of breakfast and how it should be the most important meal of all
  • The scientific explanation of the advice most weight lose experts give

A diet handbook to guide you on:

  • What to eat at what time and how much portion of it all compared to what your boy requires
  • How to prepare a meal plan that aids in your weight lose journey
  • How to identify tasty yet highly effective foods in burning fat
  • How to say no to foods that add weight
  • An activity handbook to teach you on:
  • Workout routines that require less time but with double results
  • A motivation handbook to help you:
  • Focus on the main goal of losing weight
  • Overcome the challenges and obstacles of losing weight
  • Stay motivated throughout the weight lose period and to keep weight at bay –

Prices vs. what you get

So, with the two weeks that you are tasked with all the reading and do it yourself weight lose program, the whole package comes with a hefty price of $97. There is a refund though if it doesn’t work and a week’s content access for $7.


Fast results

Brian flat actually invented a faster way of losing stubborn fat. If one strictly follows it, the 16lbs will have been flushed in less than a month! This comes in handy for those requiring the perfect beach body in a short time. The secret behind it actually is the way the body continues with burning calories even after one stops exercising.

Easy to read and understand

It has been explained in the simplest terms and even diagrammatically demonstrated for one to grasp the right content the first time. It should not be a problem to follow the instructions unless you have a special difficulty.

Implementation is effortless

The method involves simple activities that are doable. One is not required to have a special talent or be a member of a gymnastic class to be able to nail it. Just ensure to stay motivated throughout the period. You can achieve this by getting a liability partner and/or rewarding yourself whenever you hit your target for the day.

Everyone can use it

This method took all people into consideration; busy and less busy alike, active and passive on equal measure. Exercising 15-30 minutes a day for 3-4 days a week is very considerate of those who are lazy to lose their weight.

There is a refund!

Yes, if you are not able to shed any weight after two months of using his dietary plan. You just have to prove that you actually followed instructions and lost no weight in your before and after weight checks.


The do it yourself method can pose laxity on the person trying to lose weight because they feel like there is no one to push them to achieve results by the end of the day.

The handbook is only available in soft copy; which is nice in terms of convenience and even reselling it for an extra buck but following instructions online is hard. That means you will have to incur more to print so that it becomes easier to follow.

The handbook is damn expensive! Given its in digital form and its only a Two Week Diet, selling it at $97 is above the normal market price for online products.

Final verdict

Brains 2 Week Diet is a good program to lose weight with lesser health risks unlike other rapid programs but if not willing to stick to it, swallow your pills or stay without food.

Note: This is a review.

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Yeast Infection No More By Linda AllenYeast Infection No More was created by Linda Allen. It is a 250-page eBook that outlines steps to fight Candida naturally. However, the system does not work overnight. Instead, it requires time and dedication since it is no magic or pill. Many people have been asking us whether it is legit or scam. There are many deceptive reviews out there aimed at convincing you to purchase this program. If you have been suffering from yeast infection then worry no more. It is considered one of the most effective programs that you can acquire. Before buying the program, ensure that you read several reviews so that you can make the right decision in the long run. Here is a comprehensive Yeast Infection No More Review.

About The Author?

Linda Allen claims that she undertook research for 12 years before developing the program that has become the next big thing in the fitness industry. She is a famous nutritionist and health advisor. The developer argues that the program can enable users get treatment from Candida in a period of two months.

How It Works?

The step by step guide is a perfect solution for yeast infection. Unlike the conventional forms of treatment that do not look at the root cause, the system works on the body in order to combat the symptoms. This implies that it can treat you without leaving you with side effects. The system outlines foods that aggravate and heal yeast infection. You will also learn about how stress can affect you when suffering from infection. The detoxification part of the system has a three-day juice cleanse to heal you from the complication.

What You Get

This will provide you with an insight on how you can get started. The second chapter of the eBook focuses on the Candida yeast infections. In this chapter, you will learn about what infection, symptoms, treatment and some of the things you need to understand about the infection. The third chapter talks about who is at risk of contracting the problem while the further chapter outlines the basic 12 hour relief treatment. The fifth and sixth chapter discuss Quick Results Mini Program and Holistic system respectively. The fifth chapter examines different areas including diet and digestion, immunity, detoxification and Anti yeast supplements among other aspects.


• The system is backed up by 12 years holistic research. This means that it is more than just detoxification and diet program.

• It comes with free online counseling for yeast infection diet as well as lifetime updates on the same

• The developer has incorporated different recipes for your well-being

• The system has been tested and proven to work. Over 1000 users have positive stories to share with the world after using the program

• It has 60 day money come back and extra free bonuses for users

• The formula is natural and offers permanent outcome. This means that you will never experience side effects for using the program

• The eBook is simple and easy to use, which makes it ideal for beginners as well as experienced users.


• The program can only be accessed online. People without internet connection stand no to benefit from the program

• The program encourages users to apply supplements, which is an additional cost

• The system requires changes in one’s lifestyle. Changing you way of life requires commitment and dedication

Final verdict

In conclusion, Yeast Infection No More is not a scam as some people claim. The program is well equipped for curing Candida permanently as well as naturally. It does not make sense to spend a lot of money on other treatments that will not work. In addition, if it does not work, you won’t lose your cash at the end of the day. The author (Allen) allows you to ask for a refund since she knows it does not fail. There are different users who have benefited from the use of this program and you also stand a high chance of reaping big from the same. The program, however, can only be accessed online, which makes it restrictive for persons without connection to internet. The five step natural program takes only 12 hours to enable you get relieved.

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Note: This is a review.

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Venapro hemorrhoid reliefVenapro is a homeopathic treatment for hemorrhoids; it is made of herbal extracts and natural minerals. It is meant to provide relief and a nonsurgical solution to hemorrhoids by increasing circulation in the veins. A dose of Venapro is administered in two forms, an oral spray as well as well as colon health supplement capsules. Both are administered orally which is a departure from treatments which you apply to the affected area.


How It Works

Venapro comes in a tow step treatment, the homeopathic spray under the tongue twice a day and colon health supplement tablets.

The spray is supposed to relieve the symptoms of the hemorrhoids although you are told that you will feel the effects after two weeks. The truth is, many patients report they feel better within a week of taking it. It does the following;

  • Helps the body repair and replace torn and inflamed skin
  • Relieves the pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids
  • Improves lubrication of the sensitive parts
  • It enhances blood flow in the rectal and anal areas.

The capsules are more of a solution than a cure; they are meant to improve the health of the colon so that you may not suffer from hemorrhoids again.


The main selling point in Venapro is that it uses 100% natural ingredients. They are;

Horse Chestnut- It is an herb known for its ability to soothe the pain and bring down swelling in the affected area. This also contributes to improved blood circulation and healing of the soft , delicate skin.

St Mary’s Thistle- it strengthens the veins hence reduces sensitivity and likelihood of inflammation.

Arnica- It heals the painful tissue around the anus. It also aids the reduction of inflammation.

Fluoride of Lime- It prevents and fights the hard tissue that forms due to hemorrhoids.

Stone root- It aids cell production, and works against constipation and relieves the itching that comes with hemorrhoids.

Witch hazel- It is effective against itching and bruising, it also makes bowel movements more comfortable

Krameria Mapato- it soothes the rectum and anal passage

Butcher’s Broom- It strengthens veins and relieves pain.

Prices and What You Get

If you order one set of Venapro from their official website, it will set you back $ 39.95. This is a trial plan; it will last for just one month. The set is one bottle of spray and capsules.

A three-month package will cost $79.90, with three sets each set costing a reduced 26.63, a great reduction from the 39.95 you would pay for a single set.

The five-month maximum plan gives you five sets at $119.85, each set going for 23.97.

All these packages come with free shipping.



Most of the people who have used Venapro agree that they saw its effects in a short time. It gets a rating of 3.9 in Amazon which is quite high for treatments since they don’t work the same on everyone and other factors can determine their effectiveness like other heath conditions and state of health.

Natural Ingredients

The body finds it easier to use and assimilate nutrients and minerals that come from nature without having side effects. It also makes this product safe.

Easily absorbed

Venapro ingredients are easily absorbed by the body which enhances the healing and strengthening process in the body.

Targets the symptoms

The capsules will help your colon grow strong, but the spray addresses the current inflammation, discomfort and suffering.

Prevents hemorrhoids

The boosting of colon health ensures that once the hemorrhoids are cured, they aren’t likely to recur.


Possibility of allergy

Venapro mouth spray uses an alcohol solvent to combine its natural ingredients and make the body absorb them faster. However, if you are allergic to alcohol, it might not be a good choice for you. It is not recommended for expectant women and those taking certain medications

Fake vendors

Though Venapro is genuine, many sellers are selling fake versions, buy from its website or a trusted site like Amazon.


Venapro is potent against hemorrhoids, and if you use it as per the instructions, you are likely to feel relief. However, note that it is not rated as a drug and is not controlled by the FDA. It is a natural remedy, a combination of herbs. It is more of a health supplement.

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7 Steps To Health And The Big Diabetes Lie ProgramDiabetes is one of the most common illnesses; there are about 29.1 million causes of diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes all over the world: that is about 9 percent of the whole population. But a book claims to help combat just that. This book is a treatment guide to dealing with your everyday life and curing diabetes naturally. Its main objective is to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and diet to completely eradicate artificial insulin or metformin from your life. No medicines, just letting nature take its course. Read on here for more about the Big Diabetes Lie review.

About the Author

This book is the result of the hard work and effort of a dedicated nutritionist, Dr. Max Sidorov. He is a head researcher and a specialist in everything that is related to blood sugar, insulin or diabetes. He lives life by a strict moral code and claims that pharmaceutical companies feed diabetics with lies recommending drugs, injections and surgery while there is a cheaper and more effective way to cure it. His philosophy is to help the world by exposing the truth.

How Does It Work?

This book offers a 30-day meal plan for diabetic victims which claims to completely eradicate your diabetes just by following the simple steps. It is a matter of choice whether or not you follow the said plan and the effectivity would depend on that.

The food you eat plays a big role on your journey against diabetes. A part of the book focuses on your diet; it discusses in depth which foods causes your diabetes to worsen and which actually helps melt it away. Dr. Sidorov mentions a variety of harmful food like fats, meat, sugar, excessive use of salt, excessive in take of tea or coffee, white meat products, white flour and white sugar. These are the kinds of food that must be taken into thought before consumption. One of the major suspects of diabetes is white sugar.

Worldwide, the consumption of white sugar shows no slowing down. Relative to this is the increase of diabetic cases. This is one of the highlighted points of Dr. Sidorov book.

The book also discusses about low-fat food and encourages its readers to minimize the intake of grains. This would include white bread, pasta and other white foods. It emphasizes that it is important that we eat home-grown food. The idea is: if you don’t recognize its ingredients, you have no business eating it. Real foods are detoxifiers which allow any excess intake of either salt or sugar to make its mark.

This book will also give you a rundown on what goes on in your body when you take in processed foods or foods high in MSG. First, your body will send the signals to your brain that you are munching on delicious high-calibre food. It will send the synapses that you are feeling good, a rush of endorphins will be released throughout your body while you are eating. After the euphoria, your blood sugar levels start to shoot up. This is the beginning of the feeling of being woozy, clammy and nauseous. The body is now trying to keep up with the high levels of sugar. This is the first stages of diabetes.

What Do You Get?

For 30USD, you get a lot of information about which food work for you and which doesn’t. It is a comprehensive guide on which fats are good and bad for you. It also gives you information on how you can prevent the enlargement of certain internal organs like your kidney and livers by avoiding artificial sweeteners. You get your value for money and at the same time a brief on how diet sodas affect your body. It also includes the results of a study in Norway, about 18000 diabetic patients using all natural ways possible to rid of their sickness instead of Metformin. All these plus bonus ebooks on facts about MSG, Benefits of Water, Antioxidants and the Miracle of Sleep.


  • Easy-to-understandInformative and promotes self-education
  • Recipes and instructions are easy to follow
  • A 60-day money back guarantee comes when the book is purchased
  • A practical, relevant tool for diabetics


  • Very critical on pharmaceutical companies
  • A few conspiracies are debatable like meat being a silent killer
  • Requires a lifestyle change, perhaps to a paleo-type of diet

This book is certainly an eye-opener. It is a helpful tool to both diabetics and nondiabetics alike. It promotes a very natural approach to curing a sickness which is both practical and sustainable. It provides a very detailed information but an easy-to-read format on how to implement a good healthy life. The effectivity of its claims, however, is solely upon the reader and what he does about what he reads. Overall, this book is a blessing to those who are trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

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Note: This is a review.

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Provillus natural hair growth supplementMen for the longest time have had issues of baldness and hair loss without a reliable solution that is inexpensive. Hair loss has become a major issue that affects the self-esteem of many men and women. Most have opted for surgical methods to rectify the problem and others who cannot afford this method have tried using hair products, unsuccessfully.

Ultra-herbal came to save these problems by providing a product known as Provillus, a natural hair growth supplement for both men and women.

It is an over the counter product that requires no prescription. It is clinically proven and guarantees to regrow your hair in a few weeks and also prevent hair loss.


It contains the FDA approved minoxidil which works directly on the scalp and hair to stop hair loss.

Its formula is majorly designed to supplement the body with the proper nutrients it needs to help hair regrow in a more natural way and prevent hair loss.

It also has the power to block the main cause of hair loss, dihydrotestosterone.

How it Works?

It offers hair follicles the nutrients it needs like iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium and B6 complex. It also makes keratin by using biotin. Keratin is the protein that makes hair. It brings dead follicles back to life.

The hair follicles are now fortified and the seized follicles are protected against cortisol and DHT which form the enzyme ‘5-alpha reductase’ (converts testosterone into DHT).

The hair growth process is thus initiated but only after the follicles are energized and protected. It works with the help of para-Amino Benzoic acid, horsetail, and minoxidil. The hair will then grow thicker and healthier.

This product has been known to make your hair regrow whether or not you had hair follicles previously.

Provillus comes in two forms; supplement and liquid. The supplement contains vitamins and minerals and is known to prevent hair loss and cause hair regrowth. It is however not FDA approved as it does not contain monixidil. There are doubts as to how effective the supplement really is. As such you are advised to obtain in addition Provillus liquid.

Provillus offers hair treatment solution for both men and women. It is stated on their website that the concentration of monixidil in the men’s Provillus is 5% and 2% for the women.

Women should specifically buy Provillus designed for them because theirs is made with ingredients that concentrate on the hormones with a view to restoring a hormonal balance to rectify the hair loss problem. Provillus for men concentrates on reducing the enzyme dihydrotestosterone.

If you cannot find Provillus in the local drugstore, you order it online. When ordering, you get offered a topical solution to apply to the scalp in the form of a spray and the capsule supplements. It is advised that you take Provillus as a diet supplement. The prescription is two times a day for an adult. Pregnant women and any person taking any other form of medication are advised not to take Provillus. You are also advised not to exceed the prescribed dosage.


  • From the many positive reviews, it is clear that the product actually works, especially in preventing hair loss.
  • It offers visible results in a few weeks.
  • It has a 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Its packaging is so discreet and no one will know what you ordered.
  • It is a natural product and thus has no side effects.
  • It offers a product for both men and women.
  • It slows down hair loss.


  • It needs patience as permanent results are long term.
  • If you are suffering from a medical condition specified by the company, you cannot take Provillus.
  • It is a little bit expensive.

Final Verdict

From reviews gathered, the product works well for generic and natural pattern hair loss. It has not worked so well for hair loss occurring as a side effect of having a certain disease or other unnatural reasons. However, compared to other products, provillus is the best anti-hair loss solution in the market today for both men and women. It is important that you obtain it at the best price possible and make sure it is the legit one by visiting their official website where limited offer packages are available.

Most users have stated that they get value for their money and that this product is worth every penny.

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Note: This is a review.

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Are you looking for the best human growth hormone in the market today? There are many companies that claim to sell human growth hormone today that claim to improve the sexual performance of the user and make him feel younger.

GenF20 Plus HGH Releaser and Anti-aging SupplementGenF20 Plus is a powerful supplement that is manufactured using scientifically tested natural ingredients. The ingredients used to promote the rate of hormonal growth in the body. It has the ability to reverse aging, boosting sex drive, increasing your body metabolic rate and enhancing your sexual performance. The supplement is a product of Leading Edge Health company. If you want to look and feel younger, then this is the supplement that you must use. The supplement is known to produce results just within weeks after using it. It is available both in liquid, pills, and spray form.

The supplement is manufactured using natural ingredients that are known to increase HGH levels in humans.One of the active ingredients used in the supplement is GTF Chromium which helps to reduce the level of glucose while enhancing the production of the growth hormone in the body. The ingredient is also known in helping its users to obtain a good metabolism.

The supplement contains L_arginine which increases the level of growth hormone in the body. It also assists the body in weight loss by burning the excess fats and promoting muscle building.

I have personally used the GenF20 Plus supplement for more than five years now. I can confidently attest to the fact that the supplement really works. The supplement has really boosted my sexual stamina my wife no longer complains of being sexually dissatisfied like before when I was not using it. The tone of my skin is now even and I feel younger and energetic. The supplement improves my mood and am never sad. I would recommend this product who wants a happy and fulfilling sex life with his spouse. That is why I found it worth to write this GenF20 Plus review to help anyone who might be struggling to boost his sex drive.

How It Works

The supplement works by offering all the essential nutrients that are responsible for the production of growth hormones in the body. The presence of high levels of the growth hormone in the body enhances sexual performance, reduces aging signs and increases your muscle mass.

Prices And What You Get

The prices of the supplement are affordable and above all, they have no side effects. The supplement has been proven to be clinically safe and has been endorsed by many nutritionists, There are mostly preferred over synthetic human growth hormones that have so many side-effects.


The supplement is made of natural ingredients and this makes it safe for use.

  • It helps to strengthen the bones
  • It boosts sexual performance
  • It boosts energy in the body
  • It has been proved to cure Insomnia
  • It helps many people with their weight loss problems
  • It fights aging and removes all the wrinkles and dark spots on your body.
  • It promotes the production of growth hormones in the body which comes with so many benefits.


  • The supplement is not available in local retail stores
  • The supplement is not meant for enhancing sexual performance in men.
  • Many clients have complained that the supplement does not produce results.
  • There is no money-back guarantee on the official website of the supplement.

Users of this supplement are warned that this is a dietary supplement and thus cannot be employed to treat serious medical conditions. If you are experiencing any kind of health problem, then kindly consult your doctor.

Final verdict

Are you curious about where you can buy GenF20? The supplement can be purchased directly from its manufacturer’s official website. According to numerous scientific studies carried out, the presence of high amount of growth hormone in the body is important. However, there is substantial proof that it works. In the industry that is full of many fake supplements, it is the one that has the ability to produce impressive results. In fact, recent research showed that it has the ability to boost your libido levels by more than 80%. If you want to maintain your youthful looks and be sexually active, then make GenF20 plus pill your close companion.

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 Eat Stop Eat Weight Loss GuideObesity is a common problem faced by most of us today. Starting from nutrition to exercising, we have tried it all. A very unique approach to weight loss, eat stop eat is a popular method used by millions of people around the globe. However, does this weight loss plan really work? And if it does, how does it help one shed those extra pounds? Think of this program as an automated weight loss process! Still don’t believe me?


Brad Pilon is a nutritionist and a weight loss trainer who grew up in Burlington, Ontario. Having a passion for fitness and muscle building, he grew up collecting magazines that led him right there. His university education of four years in Applied Human Nutrition helped him build a career in this field, his first job after university being a Research Analyst. now, he is the author of eat stop eat, a weight loss program known and followed my many.


This program focuses on a intermittent period of a short fasting that actually helps to boost your weight loss rate. This period lasts only for a day and has to be followed at least once or twice a week. Good thing is, you get to choose the day which you want to fast, making it flexible for you, and it is itself a very flexible program. The other days of the week, you can eat as normally as you do. During the fast periods you get to drink certain kinds of beverages that are allowed, so you wont be entirely hungry.

There are a few benefits of the short period of fasting which you carry out during the one or two days of the week.

There is a calorie drop in your body that is essential for any kind of weight loss program. It does this by burning down the extra stored calories in your body. In other words, calorie deficit takes place, which means that more calories are burned down than you consume.
It works as a detox plan for your body in the sense that it will cleanse your body off the harmful toxins.

Studies have shown that when you do short time fasting, you increase the activities of fat burning hormones hence a quick rate of fat drop!


the market price of eat stop eat is $49.95, however there is a quick guide on offer which is going for a mere $10. the offer runs till end of July so grab your copy as soon as you can, before time runs out on you!


It is a program created by a nutritionist, the expert himself whose drive was fitness while growing up. Therefore, its a guaranteed routine.

The method used to lose weight is short term fasting which isn’t hard to follow right? All it takes is sometime before you actually get used to the entire program.

The biggest benefit of this routine is that it is a very easy to understand guide. While there are so many diet plans that require you to follow a food timetable, this one just requires you to fast and follow up on it thoroughly!

Finally, the only best part for me is that while am fasting on one day, I can eat as much as I want during the eating period without fear of adding weight!


There are some disadvantages of this program which aren’t that serious, but are still there.

When fasting, you may get headaches or feel dizzy due to lack of food in your system.

This process takes a lot of time before you get used to it but once you do, all these tiny problems will vanish.

It will require you to follow the program religiously, failure to which you may not achieve the desired results! So once you decide to do this, just do it!

You will have to give up on snacking or munching on food while fasting as it is strictly not allowed.

Finally, this is not really a bad thing but you will have to replace your wardrobe with new clothes as the old ones will not fit you in any way. The good thing is, you will lose weight.


Ultimately, its up to you if you want to lose weight and fit into those skinny jeans, getting the body you have always desired and look stunning in a body suit! Its all up to you. Just remember that whether you fast for 24 hours or 16 hours, the outcome will be the same so don’t starve yourself! Do not be tempted to fast for too long as it may cause health issues, instead, stick to the plan! Otherwise, its the best program for weight loss that I have ever come across. Say yes to Eat Stop Eat and goodbye to weight!

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Yoga Burn Review by AMomsReview.comCultivating a healthy body along with a peaceful mind is challenging especially if the world makes you question your sanity at the time. Yoga is a great way to maintain you physical, social and mental well-being. Yoga Burn also known as Her Yoga Secrets is a digital body shaping program which ensures healthy weight loss for women. The program was created by certified yoga instructor and personal trainer Zoey Bray-Cotton. It helps build and maintain a healthy feminine figure through three phases during which you watch 45-minute videos. This series of videos keeps challenging the body to change positively. The 12-week program is specially tailored to suit women of different weights, ages and different fitness levels as well.

My experience with the program was really good. Yoga Burn reviews are positive and good because it enables you health wise and body fitness, also in relaxing exercise and when you incorporate the workout into it, it becomes even better. The program is effective, definitely not a waste of money because it strengthens both your mind and body. Your body changes a lot during the program. It becomes firm, your flexibility improves you lose weight properly and your general health catapults because your fitness is balanced. The program is simple and has a lot of benefits. For athletes and fitness enthusiasts in general, it increases blood flow, makes your body firm, toned and also increases your muscle strength for better athletic performance.

What is Yoga Burn (Her Yoga Secrets)?

The program addresses the needs of everyday women by using a strategic method known as dynamic sequencing. It combines individual yoga poses and as you move forward, the challenge increases. Yoga Burn uses a 3 phase approach.

Phase 1

This is the foundation of the program which is why it is also known as foundational flow. This phase is about introducing yoga sequences to you that will help you develop long, lean muscles and improve your shape, it is equally beneficial for advanced yoga students. Muscle strengthening and achieving the perfect form is the goal for this phase. So, that you understand the poses and your body is comfortable doing them as well. This step is how you will progress further into the program.

Phase 2

Students transition from basic yoga poses to advanced combinations. These combinations help increase your stamina and boost your heart rate immensely. Your adaptability will increase a lot as your challenge will increase. This phase is known as transitional flow. It focuses on moving from one pose to the other and increasing the development of your major muscle groups.

Phase 3

The third phase increases the difficulty and tests your skills as well. You combine your knowledge from your previous lessons. You are likely to face fatigue because of your muscles constantly moving. This goal of this phase is to increase your metabolism rates and improve your mental focus. You will learn how to control your core and progress throughout the phase.

Yoga Burn is downloadable and easy to access. The physical collection and the digital program are offered in a package which is $37. The second package offers the digital program and 2 physical collections; it costs $57. Both of the prices are excluding shipping and handling. Yoga Burn gives a 100% money back guarantee 60 days from your original purchase. You can easily buy it from the website.


  • The instructions are simple, easy-to-follow and will keep you engaged.
  • It’s suitable for different woman all with different body types, ages, and needs.
  • It’s a healthy way to lose weight, no matter what your problems are. You can achieve your goal body easily and be confident, strong and healthy.
  • The digital downloads are portable, adapted for listening on mobile phones as well.
  • 100% refund 60 days into the purchase, no questions asked.


  • The results aren’t guaranteed and vary from individual to individual so your expectations might not be met.

The program is perfect for anyone who’s just been introduced to yoga. It is a perfect workout for toning your body. The instructor is great and the visual instructions keep it interesting and useful. The sessions are unique and the workout is really effective and simple. The improvement is gradual but if you stay motivated through the program, the results are undeniable.

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There are many reasons why a woman’s vagina can become loose. These range from aging to disease conditions like obesity to natural processes like child birth. Some of these are inevitable and every woman will have a time in which they will be faced with the issue of a loose vagina. The problem is that it makes a woman feel less sexy and the sex is never the same again. The best option is to look for a natural vaginal tightening product they can use. One of the most common and most talked about products is the V Tight Gel. What is this product and does it really help tighten down there? The V-Tight Gel Review will give you all the answers to the questions you have about this product.

What is V-Tight Gel?v-tight-gel reviews by AMomsReview.com

V-Tight gel is an all natural product that is applied topically on the vagina. The gel is meant to tighten the vagina and lubricate it for better sex. The tighter the vagina is the more enjoyable the sex will be for both parties involved.


The V Tight Gel is made by a company that goes by the same name. The company has been in operation since 2002 and is one of the biggest names in the health and beauty industry. All their products are safe for use and effective at what they do. They combine the latest in nutritional science with the best ingredients to deliver the highest quality products that add value to the life of the customer.

How does it work?

Before delving into how this product works it is very important to understand how to apply it. The steps are really simple. Just clean your hands and squeeze a pea-size amount of the gel on to the finger tips. Insert the finger with the gel into the vagina and apply the gel on the inner walls of the vagina by massaging gently.

The V-Tight Gel is made using a combination of natural ingredients. The main ingredient is Manjakani extract. This is an astringent which gives the vaginal walls firmness. It also reduces vaginal discharge that is experienced by many women and causes foul odour. This extract has been used by many people before to treat vaginal conditions like itching, discharge, infection and looseness to name but a few.

Another ingredient in this gel is witch hazel leaf extract which is responsible for soothing the vaginal walls. It is also an astringent and hence tightens the vaginal muscles. Arginine is also present in the V-Tight gel and it increased the blood flow to the vaginal walls. Sodium PCA contained moisturizes the area whereas citric acid helps maintain the PH of the vagina reducing the risk of infections.

All the natural ingredients in the V-Tight gel work together to deliver a tight vagina within minutes after application. This is why it needs to be applied a few minutes before intercourse. The manufacturers of this product advice that the use of the V-Tight should be coupled with kegel exercises for best results. This combination achieves permanent vaginal tightening within a while and the results last a long time.

Price and what you get

The prices at which you can get this product will differ depending on where you purchase it. The best place to buy is at the official manufacturer’s website. There you will find the best price deal and other discounts.

There are three packages available and like many supplements the more you buy the cheaper the product is. The first package is the 1 month package which costs $130.82 for one bottle. The other package is the 3-month package. With this you pay $261.64 for two bottles and you are given one free of charge. The last package is the five month package which you pay $392.46 for three bottles and you will be given two extra free of charge. The last two packages have free shipping.

All the products have a 100% money back guarantee with no time limit. If you are unhappy with the results you can return the product at any time and you will be issued a full refund.


  • Easy to use.
  • Made in the USA and certified and hence you can be sure of its safety.
  • No side effects experienced.
  • Easy and secure ordering process with fast shipping.


  • The product is only available online.
  • Initially the tightness experienced after application disappears after a while and needs to be reapplied.

Final verdict

V-Tight gel is one of the few natural vagina tightening gels that actually works. Many women who have tried this gel agree that indeed it does work. The results are best when the application of the gel is combined with kegel exercises so be sure to do this.

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Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review by AMomsReview.comHip flexors is measured as the main structure of our bodies. This muscle panels our balance and even our ability to walk, bend, and even sit. Some of us think that all movement goes over our hips. In most cases we don’t ever think about hip flexors, particularly when everything is going well, though they tighten which causes serious problems to people, even those who are active and healthy ones. I came across this product called Unlock your Hip Flexors, I decided to check if this package could help someone undergoing this problem that arise from hip flexors.

About The Authors

Rick Kaselj, MS

Rick Kaselj is a person living a pain-free life who started with a severe back injuries which are caused from working out on the wrong way. At times the injury endangered to end his specialized career and prevent him from a happy life. But Rick never wanted life with pain, it reached a time where he began to look for solution to overcome his crippling back pain.


Mike Westerdal

Mike Westerdal is a personal trainer and founder of CriticalBench.com, currently it’s the largest strength site helping half a million people globally per month to achieve their body fitness and healthy ambitions. Mike has been featured in several weight training guides including Monster Muscle and even Muscle strength respectively.

How The Unlock Your Hip Flexors Works?

In between the pages, the program show clearly which combination of exercise are required to improve the body’s use of hip of flexors; leading to more flexibility, positivity and even mobility. The type of tools which includes in your tool kit are; PNF stretching and mobility exercise. These expertise who have created the order simply because they want to maximize the fat burning and muscle building, as well positive mental attitude.

The following are some of the benefits that you will enjoy while following techniques in this program, they include:

  • Helps to improve posture either while sitting or standing.
  • It also increases circulation through the body.
  • Sexual health is improved and better sexual performance as well.
  • The risks of groin and heap injuries are reduced.
  • Stiffness and discomfort are reduced in the hips, legs and back.
  • There is more comfort of motion during range of daily activities.

I have seen many guys working hard in the gym, they struggle to know why they still undergo pain, and the reason why they are low on energy and anatomy body isn’t responding.

Indeed, thousands have witnessed the life transforming from unlocking their hip flexors and have celebrated by reaching quarter of a million on Facebook fan page.

If you make a decision right now to purchase your Hip Flexors, you will be required to pay just $10 instead of regular price of $50.

The price of less than two coffees, the manual will be included, Rick’s more detailed demonstration and videos which cost $48.

Finally, if you want if you to be consulted with Rick, it cost up to $300 an hour to learn from him.

What I liked

  • Perhaps the best thing about this product is that the explanation is easy to be understood by everyone (laymen terms).
  • The book has detailed information on the anatomy of our bodies
  • The duration and sets are explained fully for each exercise.
  • Affordable price.
  • When reading the book, you actually feel you motivated.
  • The author is a fully expert in handling sports injuries.

What I Don’t Like

  • Its only electronic product found.
  • It’s not 100% sure rate it will cure all your problems.
  • Overexaggerated that Hip Flexors will cure some opening symptoms.


Lastly the Unlock Hip Flex is a good solid package that will enable people who really perform the actions, its also moderately cheap.

According to my view I could rate it four stars, since it comes with a full 60-day money back assurance. Generally this product is totally and deserves not a scam.

As for you, This product of such a law price you should give it a try If you trust it could assist you. The reason as to why it doesn’t get full 5 stars rating is simply because of the mockers pushing of the add-on items after purchased. This is a great product that is worth the value of your cash.

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It is no secret that many women consider giving birth to a healthy baby as one of life’s greatest gifts. As the highest peak of self-actualization, a majority of women want to experience motherhood. While there are those who do not find the perfect partner, others cannot be able to conceive no matter how much they try. Pregnancy Miracle, a book authored by Lisa Olson, advises on sure-fire ways for women to get pregnant without any medical assistance.

Pregnancy Miracle Review By AMomsReview.comThe book claims to do wonders for couples who are having a difficult time conceiving. It offers holistic steps that get the body ready for reproduction. Published in 2009, Lisa Olson claims that is the steps in the book are followed to the latter, the reader can get pregnant within two months. The advice is also meant to solve any fertility issues between married couples. The following Pregnancy Miracle Review will shed more light on the book and what it has to offer:

Who Is Lisa Olson?

Before Lisa Olson became an author and philosopher, she was a woman who was struggling with fertility issues. She tried to seek treatment through conventional routes but she was not able to find any solution to her problem.

As a trained nutrition specialist and health consultant, she decided to conduct a 15-year research on Chinese Medicine and the role that it plays in fertility. In efforts to cure her infertility, Olson embarked on a trial and error process and eventually the Chinese treatment journey that worked for her.

This inspired her to share with the world her findings, knowledge, and techniques through the best seller, Pregnancy Miracle Book.

What Is Pregnancy Miracle?

Pregnancy Miracle is a 5-step plan that includes the following phases:

Phase One: Perfect harmony and balance for getting pregnant

In this section, readers will learn the dos and don’ts that will prepare their bodies for ovulation and increase the chances of conception.

Phase Two: Diet that improves your chances of conception

The author discusses a specific diet that should be adhered to and the kind of foods that should be avoided.

Phase Three: Herbs and acupuncture that enhances conception

Acupuncture and herbs work to create a balance in your body and enhance your chances of fertilization. A list of the best Chinese herbs is also outlined here.

Phase Four: Internal body and liver purification

Lisa discusses a three-day juicing plan that promotes the internal cleansing of the body. In order to cleanse the body and liver of heavy metal, a 7-day parasite cleansing is also recommended. The book outlines the significance of cleansing and the role that it plays in fertilization.

Phase Five: Improving your Qi Acupressure

The section teaches that stress affects fertility in women, therefore a number of Qi acupressure techniques and workouts are outlined. According to the author, they prepare the body for fertilization.

Readers are advised to follow all the steps that are outlined in the book and their bodies will take a natural change for the better and pave way for conception.

Prices and What You Get

Pregnancy Miracle is a book that costs $ 47 when purchased from online avenues such as Amazon. Although this is a one-off payment, there are a number of bonuses that are offered. For instance, if readers choose to buy it from the author’s personal website, they can get it for $37, as a $10 discount is offered. The book is offered on a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee challenge. This means that if a reader finds the book unworthy within the first 60 days of purchasing it, they can simply request a refund. The book can be ordered online and delivered up to a reader’s doorstep.


  • It is based on a proven system with a high success rate

This book is based on the use of ancient Chinese herbal medicine which has been used by many women for many centuries.

  • The book has a detailed plan that is easy to follow

The book is comprehensive and offers detailed steps that will help you conceive. The steps are also accompanied by a number of charts, diagrams, and illustrations. This makes it easier to understand. There are also checklists that allow readers to keep track of their progress and stay motivated.

  • The treatment is all-natural

As a 100% natural program, It does not pose any risks or side effects. It is an all-natural technique that is meant to treat underlying fertility issues.

  • There is a money-back guarantee

If readers are not satisfied with the product in a period of 60 days, they will get a full refund.


  • The book is very detailed

This book has a total of 200 pages. Such comprehensive information is overwhelming for readers who are seeking an instant solution.

  • It requires a lot of commitment

The nature of the step by step plans in the book requires a lot of time and commitment in order to successfully follow the program. Many people find it difficult to offer a high level of commitment to a trial and error process.

Final Verdict

Pregnancy Miracle has had to live up to its name, especially with a high level of skepticism from consumers. Some have labeled the program fake while a substantial number of users have given positive feedback. They claim that the information is helpful for any woman trying to get pregnant. The only way to know if the program really works is to try it on an individual level. You may get the results that you desire!

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breast actives reviews by a womanWe have finally completed our highly requested Breast Actives review. The most popular natural breast enhancement system in the world for seven years straight, Breast Actives is an option many women are considering for increasing breast size without the costs and risk of breast augmentation surgery. The reason it’s so popular, especially among moms is that it uses completely natural herbs used in traditional medicine and carries no risk. We found that it either works great or else does nothing. No in-betweens or side-effects have ever been reported. There are either ecstatic women for whom this product worked amazingly or women that have tried it and moved on. We studied this product in-depth. Read on for our verdict and review!

Breast Actives Review – Does It Really Work?

Breast Actives is comprised of natural herbal remedies that essentially boost estrogen production by our body, which is responsible for the development of breasts during youth and many other essential functions of the female body. Essentially, estrogen is the ‘female’ hormone that leads to developing a ‘womanly’ body. It is in charge for producing what are called ‘secondary sexual characteristics’ in medical literature.

Estrogen stops being produced by the female body after a while. This is especially prevalent during Menopause. There is a fairly established medical procedure called estrogen replacement therapy that is used to treat particularly bad conditions of menopause, PMS and menstrual cramps.

It seems especially successful with many women because it has the herb known as ‘White Kwao Krua’ (scientific name Pueraria Candollei, variant Mirifica). This herb is recognized as a potent source of phytoestrogen, which is almost as powerful as naturally produced estrogen itself.

White Kwao Krua has been used for centuries in traditional Thai medicine to boost vitality due to this unique ability.

It combines Pueraria extract with Fennel (scientific name Foeniculum Vulgare), another known source of phytoestrogens along with other herbs that stimulate the estrogen receptors in the mammary glands-which are in the breasts, thereby creating fuller and larger breasts naturally.

Prices and What You Get

The product is made of herbal supplements in the form of pills and topical cream. You take one pill a day with some water when you have breakfast and apply the topical cream on your breasts after showering (so that it stays on and works better). I recommend taking this for one full month to start seeing results.

It is available for approximately $35 for a month’s worth of product if you get the 5 month plan, approximately $40 for a month’s worth of product if you get the 3 month plan and finally for $60 for a one month sample package.


  • Completely natural and well researched herbs are used in this product. This makes for a high-quality product and results in no side-effects whatsoever.
  • The science is proven. Phytoestrogen works well in the human body and is very well understood.
  • It’s very affordable, at around $40 per month if you chose the standard 3 month plan (which we recommend)


  • It works amazingly for some, not so much for others. The estrogen receptivity of each individual person seems to play a huge role in how well this works for each person. While it is definitely affordable enough, and can’t hurt to try- you’ll never know until you actually follow it for a full month.
  • There’s no controlled, double-blind study on this product. Doing that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars and really push up the prices for it but would definitively answer if it ‘works’ or not, statistically speaking, and for who it is most effective at working. Again, this leads back to- you never know till you try it, at least for now.
  • It doesn’t work if you don’t fix your sleep cycle. Getting regular, restful sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours every night is absolutely necessary for the human body to recharge itself. Not having that guaranteed is likely to reduce the efficiency of the system significantly.

Final Verdict

Definitely worth a try. There being no side-effects whatsoever is probably the best thing about Breast Actives program, apart from the obvious fact that it is a natural and painless way to get fuller breasts. The science behind it is solid and is very safely formulated. It also has many enthusiastic testimonials from real women, for nearly a decade now. It does takes a while to show results, but its affordable price means that it won’t break the bank to use it regularly.

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